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gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Our L7 state meet was this weekend. 3 sessions over 2 days. Gymmie got the 1st session draw, so we were off to the meet site at 7am on Sat. Gym was big, but lighting was not great, the namecards couldn't be read, scores were only held up for about 1/2 second etc. Basically they could have done a little better job. So we found out what a killer group the 11 yos are. We had 3 in the 14 yo group competing, but in a different rotation and my gymmie and a teammate together.

Scores in the order she competed:
Bars: She hasn't been happy the last week or so with her routine(I think she's been trying too hard). This routine looked good and she got a 9.2(7th place)
Beam: She's never had much confidence in herself to do well on beam. Some comes from the former gym where by L6 the "better" girls were getting more attention and shown how to score high while the others were left to their own devices. Anyway, on Saturday, she HIT. Scored a 9.55. I didn't believe the score was hers(such a doubting mom!!!), but a mom with a super camera zeroed in on the name and confirmed it. At this meet it was good enough for 6th!!
Floor: Wacky scoring all meet. Started out throwing low 9s/high 8s and basically those judges boxed themselves in. Big difference in the routine with all the "clean up" done by one of our coaches. Score: 9.3(didn't place)
Vault: Could tell the heel pain was catching up to her. Limping a little walking back after each warm up. Vault was scoring really low. Score: 9.1(highest in her rotation)--10th place.
AA--37.15( a new personal best!!!!!)---6th place. Miseed 3rd by .2!
She was sooooooooo happy and tired at the same time. Couldn't believe her beam or AA scores.
Team took 4th overall and was only a few tenths out of 2nd.

Now, the warm ups are hung up, leo has been "retired" and this week will be lighter practices as they get started on all those great L8 skills.
Hard to believe its all over. Boy this meet season flew by. No gym meets until Jan. 09.

Our state did have a L7 All Star team. This year for some unknown reason they decided not to do it and based on gymmie's AA she would have made it if they used last year's criteria.


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Feb 26, 2007
What a great job she did. Now the fun of new skills can begin.

She must be so proud of her scores, what a great job!:D


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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Wow:) Your dd did awesome:) What a great way to end her season:)
I know what you mean about going fast. I can't believe where time went. We are done till November too. I am already missing looking fwd to meets, lol. At least I have a few swim meets to go too this spring and summer from my son which are exciting.
Oh and baseball games too but they aren't nearly as much fun.


Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
I wish we moved on to new skills after states/regionals, but we move to a period of very intense conditioning for a month or two, and then new skill aquisition starts in the summer.

Hey, congrats on the 37+. That's an awesome score.


:applause::applause::applause: Way to go !!! What a great meet she had - congrats !


Nov 9, 2007
Congratulations on the great end to the season. Thats the way the season should end!!! I hope that you will let your dd know how proud we all are!

Great AA at 37+ It's always so wonderful to see all their hard work pay off!


Wow, what a fantastic meet and AA score! It's hard to believe that she was only
6th with that fantastic AA score. The competition must have been fierce! This meet season has gone by quickly. We still have another month to states, but I know that all the kids are looking forward to concentrating on new skills. Congratulations to your DD on a terrific finish to her season!



Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Congrats to your DD on a great season and ending it on a high note. Awesome job!!
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