States this Sunday

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Nov 9, 2007
This is it, the big weekend! Cate has had 2 good practices so far and States are this Sunday at noon. Great start time again, and our gym is hosting the meet so it's only 15 minutes away! Hoping that the "home meet" feeling brings good luck to all our girls. Hoping for good things on vault and floor, and a clean beam routine, bars is bars and we won't waste any time worrying about it.

I finally got some videos from her last meet two weeks ago up on youtube, the camera is finally co-operating with me. Cate loves to read your posts so Please send some good wishes.

Good luck to everyone else that has States this weekend!
Hey Cate, best of luck for States on Sunday. We, up here in Quebec, love to watch your routines and follow your progress. I think your Mom's pretty cool too!

Hope it's fun with the team. Lucky you to have States at home.
Good luck at states! Nothing like a nice short drive and a nice start time!

Best of luck at States - hope she pulls a WOOZA, WOOZA routine on bars, just to really make the day! :wizard:

Good Luck to Cate!

DD is competing on Saturday (last meet before states), so we'll express the fairies your way. We have made a special request for the cast high fairy, and as always the squat on fairy (because the squat on devil likes to show up at the worst times!). We'll send those along for bars!

I hope she does great and has FUN!
Good Luck Cate!!! My DD (14) and I both love watching your videos, so I'm so excited your mom put some new ones up! My Katy will start level 7 after her state meet this year and is so excited to finally get her own routines! Once again, good luck and I look forward to hearing about your results!!
Not open for further replies.