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While we do want everyone to talk to each other, we also want the threads and forums to remain on topic. It is very important that we do not all add useless comments to every thread. One of our main problem areas is becoming visible between the Parents and the Coaches.

Parents and Coaches are two distinctly different groups with different ideas and values. Please do not add your two cents to a conversation unless you belong to that group. On the other hand, if you are a part of one group and have a question for the other group....ask them. Asking a question is very different than trying to prove a whole group of people is wrong.

The forums at The Chalk Bucket are very open. Coaches and parents can view all of each others conversations. This is so we can learn (all of us). Let's stay on topic and all be friends.

Please reply to this with any questions that you have.
Not open for further replies.