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Aug 9, 2010
AHHHH! My dd has so many bad habits it's hard to keep up with them all. Several of them are most likely due to her anxiety. Recently I've noticed her sticking her tongue out during her routines when she is really concentrating. She lost 4 teeth in the last month or so and now has a nice gap in the middle that is perfect for her tongue I guess. I don't think she realizes she is doing it. I guess there's nothing I can do to get her to stop this habit but I needed to vent!!!!
Kids with missing teeth are so cute! Her teeth will come in and tongue will tuck back. In the meantime take pictures, you will laugh about it forever.
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michael jordan had ALL his teeth with that tongue swagger...:)
My DD does it too! Even if she doesn't stick her tongue out, her mouth is always open ;)
Dont worry! My daughter looks like "dum Dum" from Night at the Museum. She pulls in her lips so it looks like she doesnt have any. Her team mate pushes her tounge to her check ( inside) so all you see is this big bump in her check. Looks alot like a chimpmonk.
My son was really bad about that. He lost his baby teeth... and then knocked out his adult teeth, one from a tree and three from a skateboarding accident. Since my job at the time didn't have any form of insurance, he went awhile with big gaps in his mouth and stuck his tongue through them all the time skateboarding, playing baseball, you name it. I think he's finally gotten to the stage at 34 where he can look back and laugh with us when we look at old pictures.
She pulls in her lips so it looks like she doesnt have any.

Haha - my DD does this too, when she is concentrating. She didn't realise she was doing it until a photographer came to a competition and took action shots of all the girls.
my brother did that when he would hit a tennis ball in tennis (he was a very good tennis player) since he was concentrating so hard.
I also think one of his kids does this playing soccer now too!
My dd sucks both her lips in, so we have a lot of weird looking pictures. I know several girls at her gym that stick their tongue out. They are just concentrating so hard they don't even realize they are doing it. While I would love for her to actually smile every now and then during a routine, it isn't that big of a deal if they are making weird faces. Kind of funny actually.
Dont worry! My daughter looks like "dum Dum" from Night at the Museum. She pulls in her lips so it looks like she doesnt have any.

Yeah, I refer to that as "beam face!" I don't think I noticed it at her first meet this year though. I'll have to go back and look at the video. Maybe she outgrew it, or maybe her new coach made her aware of it. Or maybe she WAS doing it and I just don't even notice anymore!
LOL she and 1/2 the other toothless gymnast out there are probably doing the same. LOL So common for the kids loosing teeth to have their tounges in that slot. When the teeth come in that will change.
My DD did the same thing at age 7 & 8 and it's now gone. It cracked me up when she did!:p
I used to stick my tongue out when I danced. My dance teacher was always telling me that I was going to bite my tongue off, especially when I was doing turns :)
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