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Jan 4, 2013
Hey guys this is my first post on the ChalkBucket! I really want to be able to compete level 8 my senior year of highschool but I have a few questions. Can a 17/18 year old even compete level 8? I'm currently a sophomore and I've been doing gymnastics for 3 months although I've progressed really fast. I know it might sound crazy to go from almost no background knowledge in gymnastics to level 8 ( probably because it is crazy!) in about 2 years, but I really think I can do it. I'm currently about a level 5 with some 6/7 skills.

Going from no knowledge to around a 5-6 in 3 months gives me hope that I'll be able to progress to 8 in the next year and a half but I'm not sure. I almost have the level 7 floor routine down minus the FHS front tuck. Would it be possible to start training level 8 for next season which would give me 6-7 months

Here is a list of what I can do on each event

RO BHS Btuck/layout
punch front and punch front full
missing press handstand
going to start training arabians soon and FHS step out FHS

not sure what vault to train for 8 but open to suggestions.

level 5 routine, need the kip for level 6

High Bar
Baby giant
working on kip
back hip circle undershoot
chinup pullover

working on dislocate and back uprise
muscle up
btuck dismount
back lever

can do up to 5 circles or so on mushroom
working on false scissors
I'm not very good at pommel

The gym I go to is very well run and I'm currently going 8 hours a week but will probably increase hours per week when possible

I'm pretty sure the 2013 allows the coaches to determine what level to place a gymnast in so I wouldn't have to compete 6/7. I may be wrong but I don't know


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Jan 4, 2008
There should not any reason why not, I mean a 40 year old could compete level 3 if they wanted too. But I have heard that USAG has an upper age limit of 19 for their JO levels for MAG while no age limit exists on WAG. Is this accurate anyone?

i think it's ludicrous, age should have nouns to do with it.
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