Stoop Circles??

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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
How in the world do you do a stoop circle? I am a level 6 and on my squat on i fall backwards sometimes, and my coach said i need to learn a stoop circle. I am really scared my hands will slip off the bar. But i still just can't get even close to going all the way around the bar! Help?
Sep 21, 2008
Two things will help you.

One, make sure you can hold your feet to the bar for about 10 seconds. Like a hanging "V"

Two, hook your toes and swing with both hands and feet on the bar. You may want a spot. Its ok to have one. Once you are comfy witht this, you'll feel better about sole circles.

As for falling, you just need practice. It will become consistent over time.

Jan 3, 2009
Dallas, TX
You may not have enough momentum to get around the bar. The trick is to squat on, then straighten your knees and push on the bar with your hands and feet. This pushes your center of gravity away from the bar and creates a bigger swing. Then as you pass under the bar, start to bend your knees, keeping your elbows straight. That helps move you over the bar. And yes, ask for a spot. This is also great to try on a low strap bar. Good luck.
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