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Jan 31, 2008
One thing I will add, most of the kindest, caring and thoughtful coaches I know - took the current issues within gymnastics as an opportunity to do better - not as a threat/attack. They reflected on their past and made sure that they going forward coached with the child's best interest at heart.

The ones who I had seen nastiness from complained about the changes/ blamed the kids and parents (not really a new thing). These same coaches were the ones that seems to have whole groups of the 'crazy' parents.
Their own drama seemed to attract/create drama within the parents of their athletes. Or perhaps any thoughtful caring parent removed their child from the toxic environment. Not sure how but dramatic, temperamental coaches seem to surround themselves with parents who are dramatic and fixated on one goal too.
It's easy to blame the parents for creating toxic culture within a gym, but ultimately the gym (often unintentionally) allows it to take place and develop.


Proud Parent
May 11, 2020
You‘d be sadly surprised.
I would be, truthfully, surprised regarding any kid over 14/15. Even by level 8, I’m seeing the parents who would rather have their kids repeat than watch them nearly die in level 9. Sure there are some people pushing for level 10, but after a certain age, uh… you just can’t really push a kid who doesn’t want to do things. And at level 10, what’s their incentive for bullying the coach???

Again, crazy definitely exists but it is too much work with zero return to file a report for this to be in any way a common occurrence