str8 arms!!!!

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Jan 20, 2008
dd7 who is a level 4 has her backhandspring but every 3rd one or so she bends her arms! its driving her nuts and her coach - she can block - she has her vault and can do pop handstands all without bent arms - why can't she do a backhandspring with st8 arms everytime?! the only time she nails it consistantly is when her coach tapes paper around her elbows and tells her not to let the paper rip - im not sure but i think having paper taped to your elbows is a no no at meets :confused:
Dec 8, 2007
Yeah thats definitely not allowed at meets. Your dd just needs to like pretend she has the paper still there at meets. I would have the coach make her do pushups or pullups or rope climbs when she bends her arms. DD will probably keep her arms straight because she doesn't want to do extra conditioning and if she bends them the conditioning will make her arms stronger so hopefully she won't bend them anymore.
Not open for further replies.