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Nov 13, 2007
My daugher has been practicing straddlebacks with spot. They were going fairly well for the little time that she has actually be practicing them. Yesterday, she came home very frustrated and says she will never get them because she is shooting up instead of over the low bar. I do not see her at practice so I can't explain anymore of what is going on. Does anyone have any suggestions on how she can fix this? Is it just a timing issue? Any advice is appreciated.

P.s. her main coach is out of the state so another coach was with her. I don't know if this coach know how to spot this skill correctly since my dd is the only girl doing this skill in the gym currently.


Jun 24, 2008
Straddle backs are all about timing. It's hard to say exactly what she's doing without a video, but it sounds like she's letting go too early or not doing a strong enough pump swing (especially the in the counterswing). She might also be trying to keep her chest straight up and down instead of letting her swing take her toward a HS on the low bar-- that tends to make straddle backs drop straight down.
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