Straddle Cast Hand-Stand Drills

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Does anybody have any ideas for Straddle Cast Hand-stand Drills to do when you are at competitons!:confused:
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Sep 21, 2008
you shouldn't really be drilling at competitions.

If you can do it in practice, you can do it in a meet. Next time you do it in practice, think about the important parts that make it the perfect cast. What tips can you give yourself in competition, to think about, instead of the actual skill. Talk to yourself in your head. Even if you think "lean, pop, push" those three words will help.

Try it, it really helps.
Jan 28, 2008
For straddle cast handstands, think about leaning forward first, so that your chest is way over the bar. Then, pop your hips up while extending your shoulders and straddling. (should feel like a press on floor from here) Once you feel your legs rising past your hips, lock out your shoulders and start bringing your legs together

Hope this helps!


Feb 6, 2010
I second ryantroop's comment about not doing drills at competitions, and how you should have it mastered at practice first and then it will be there at the meet. However, if you meant "ways to warm up" straddle cast to handstand at a meet, I would still have the same response. Some things require a warm-up turn, like certain vaults that you might do a timer for first, but other things you should be able to do on the first try. You don't warm-up some kind of kip timer before warming up a kip, you just do a kip in warm-ups, right? The same should be true of a cast handstand.

If, however, you need drills during practice, here's a video that could help:

YouTube - Casting and Cast Handstands

Pickle's Mom

Wow. Thanks for posting that video. Pickle just got her stradle cast handstand. From what I could tell, her couch had her do about 75% of the conditioning/drills that were in that video.
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