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i have been working on straddle cast to handstand all summer and feel stuck in a rut. i am having trouble understanding how im supposed to get my hips and legs up at the same time. i don't think my shoulders are staying over the bar enough, but when i try to get my hips up, my feet drop. when i try to get my cast big, my hips don't go up enough. help? here it is on video. thanks!

YouTube - straddle cast
If you have a floor bar (if not, use that bar all the way down to the floor), start with your hands on the bar like youre going to do a push up. Your body should be totally hollow.

From here, dip your hips to the ground, pop your hips up, and get your feet on the bar. Basically, this is a straddled jump on.

Once you have mastered that, do that drill, once your feet hit, jump off the bar to a handstand.

Then, do all of that together in sequence, (and if youre good about it, dont touch the bar with your feet), and voila! You have a cast handstand.

I hope that helps.

Hi. The way we teach this skill is first the cast, then pike, then the straddle to handstand. Firstly you need to keep your shoulders over the bar and cast to horizontal (your shoulders push back to early). Then you need to snap to a pike shape with your bottom lifting to vertical and heels still lifting. Do not straddle to early...then comes the fast straddle of the legs to join quickly in handstand. Our gymnasts do alot with spot and alot on the ground bar to feel the correct technique. This is just one way of learning this skill.
Cool, I like that cast>pike>straddle methodology. Sounds very similar to a cast pike on straddle press but it's useful to have another way to describe it.

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