WAG Straddle kip cast handstand mechanics

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Jul 15, 2014
I have questions about the cast handstand. DD seems to have no problem getting to handstand when coming from a glide kip cast on low bar or high bar, but she has trouble getting into a handstand when she is in a front support and bouncing her legs off a bungee, as needed for a pirouette drill. She seems to be short often.

When she gets into a handstand from a normal glide kip cast, sometimes she tips over. It happened a couple of times in her meets last season and killed her bar and AA score. When she doesn't tip over, she scores 9.55-9.65, but when she tips over, she gets 9.0 (On a different note, each time she tips over, she'll repeat the entire routine flawlessly. No tipping over, perfect handstands).

What is the technical issue causing her to struggle with the handstand on the bungee but not with the glide kip cast? Also, will the pirouetting in the level 8 bars help her develop a stronger handstand on the bars so that she is less likely to tip over? Is it possible to successfully pirouette when one is about to tip over?

Oh, another side question. Is a fall off a bar more than just .5 ? For instance, is there a deduction for repeating a skill or breaking a rhythm? I also felt like her falls cost more than just .5, but I'm not sure.
Not open for further replies.