straddle prress to handstand

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Mar 29, 2009
i am really wanting to learn how to do this move at the moment i know im not strong enough but i was wondering id any one had any drills, stretches or conditioning i could do to get it at the moment i cant evan do a sraddle lever on the floor so i practise on my beam i also practice handstand straddle up and down against a wall and in japana ive neerly got my stomache on the floor


try doing it off a panel mat. take a panel mat and put ur hands on the edge of it and roll bak then try to press up. or if you are not trying to do it from ur butt then u can still use a pannel mat and just put ur feet up on the mat and hands on the floor and try doing it that way. hope i helped!! :)
Jun 3, 2009
I teach my boys to do a straddle headstand press first. Once you can do a straddle headstand press and straddle back down, you can use a panel mat to help you. Or position yourself against so that you can use the wall to help you out (hands just a little away from the wall, as you begin to press your back will come in contact with the wall. This will help keep you from planching it too).

As for stretching, middle splits and pancake. Also, lots of just support strength (handstands against the wall)!

Hope that helps!
Jan 28, 2008
For me, powering down from a handstand into the straddle L helped me learn the motion of your hips rolling. Also when you control your body down into the straddle L, you are basically using the same muscles to do a press. Once that gets easy, its just about repetition against a wall or even with a spot. (not going to lie, its an awkward spot)

Hope that helps a bit and good luck!
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