streches for box splits

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Jun 12, 2009
my gym club has a competition in 5 weeks and i need to get my box splits down! at the moment they are about 25cm off the floor and if i don't get them flat or near flat i won't be able to compete!
does anyone know any good stretches that work?
please, i need help!!
How To Increase Flexibility and Why - Exercise

Work your box splits by holding mats or chairs but keep those hips square and don't allow your back leg to turn out.

Basically, you need to learn to relax in the stretch and then up the ante and stretch deeper, then relax. Relax by focusing on breathing. You can close your eyes or keep them barely open and look at something ahead of you.

Work them in the morning and night and in the daytime. Frequency trumps!

Don't go to failure, but a lot of this is just relaxing and not fighting it.
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