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Apr 11, 2016
My gymmie has nearly all of her skills for Level 3 (she can do the entire bar routine, back handspring (but it needs work)) but is being held back (repeating L2) because the coach said she needs more upper body strength and flexibility. What are some good conditioning moves to strengthen her core and chest? The coach suggested she work on this at home. The coach mentioned splits, holding handstands on the wall for a minute, but I'm sure there are other moves she can do.
Any ideas would be great of where to looks for this or moves that your own gymnast does to build strength and flexibility.

It appears that our gym holds kids back quite a bit, which is quite frustrating for my daughter, but she's pretty determined to do what the coach says because she wants to get to Level 3.
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Dec 31, 2010
Region 8
My dd does some stretching and conditioning at home on her days off (which is only two days a week these days.) It consists of push ups, sit ups, hollow holds, splits, over splits, etc. Also she has some specific leg stretches for her tight hamstrings and some arm stretches for shoulder flexibility. We are careful to only let her do the stretching and conditioning at home that she has done for a while and is able to do properly. And always only on days off so that she isn't overdoing it. Also if you have a pull up bar at home (make sure it is very stable of course) she can do leg lifts and chin ups.


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Feb 13, 2015
If you have a pull up bar, pull ups.

Planks and push-ups.

This is my girls conditioning sheet for vacation. As in out of gym more than the usual.
This was. Once she started training for level 4 before that the coaches said not worry conditioning on non gym days.

Cardio: Run / swim or bike 20’
Stretching (team warm up)
Squat straight jumps 20x
Wall sit 1min
Wall handstand hold 1min
Leg kicks 15x each
Leg pulses 10x each
Press handstands 10x
Push ups 2x20
Plank 1min all sides
Mountain climbers 20x each
1 leg squat 10x each
Releves (use weights) 50x
Chin ups 4x5
Hollow hold 1min
Arch hold 1min
100 abs, sides, back
Arms only arch ups 50x
Fire hydrants 15x each
Heel drives 50x each
Shoulder stretch 30 sec each
Half split against wall 1min each
Center split against wall 1min
Pike stretch 1min
Feet stretch with band
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