OT Strength Periodization Article

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ChalkBucket Founder
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Sep 3, 2005
Sticking with an exact plan has always been the issue with this for me as a coach. Love how this article addresses that.



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Jan 4, 2008
I agree with this a lot! Sticking to a conditioning plan early works unless you have a whole team of those kids who just constantly push themselves through pain and do everything perfectly every time. If you have athletes like this, where are you finding them?

If you want to make kids stronger make it fun, make it interesting, make it different, give them a new challenge, use different equipment, praise them a lot, break a world record or a gym record, use music, use props, use a tik tok trend etc.
But don’t let it be boring!!

I promise that even if they are teenagers or level 10’s or elites they will give you 150% more when you do this.

To give an example, the other day my team of teenagers walked in and they giggled to see me wearing a wizards hat. I told them welcome to Hogwarts and sorted them into houses where they competed for points to win the house cup. These 13-16 year old optional all of a sudden were 10 times stronger than they had been the day before. They laughed and smiled and cheered each other on and broke all their own personal records.

Find out what they are into, be creative, be unexpected. These tactics work better with teens than they do with pre school kids!