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Aug 7, 2019
Hi, ive got a few question:
I really appreciate if you take your time to read them and maybe leave a comment

As a bodyweight athlet (rings gymnast) I am intrested in a strenght training where you get stronger but dont gain any (as less *** possible) muscles
I have read that the intermuscular koordination training (ik-training), where the intensity is about 90-100% and the repetion number is very low, but long rests. So the trainings weight is near to pb.
Do you have any experiences or tricks?

What role does the nutrition plays to get stronger, but not bigger? Should be eaten a decent amount (less) of protein ( not that much to gain a lot of muscles like body builder) whats about carbs and fats or the caloric intace? Schould it be a deficit or a caloric excess?

At first I am able to hold full planche on parallets/floor for 15s, maltese on rings for 7s and straddled planche on rings for 10s.

My first question is why I am unable to hold the iron cross on rings, although maltes is more difficult. When I have done a max. Power test for iron cross I was able to generate 105% in ratio to my bodyweight. Normaly you can perform an ironcross around 90%.

I think I do have enough strenght to hold the cross, but my position/ muscle activity is bad (when I do iron cross I fell my chest works most, although the latissimus is the muscle that is able to generate more strenght) I also think that my shoulders are rotated to much forward or is it good?

Thanks for any reply/tips/tricks/exercices or experiences


Proud Parent
May 5, 2017
I am not a coach but I have strength trained for 30 plus years. I will say each muscle group has its structural intended purpose. Your questions about shoulder position and latissimus dorsi are valid. I would suggest you obtain anatomy for weight lifting book and study muscle purpose. Possibly this will assist you in determining what body position tricks can assist you in accomplishing your desired skills. example position the shoulders to allow more chest use and less lat use etc. Good luck

Just one of many examples.
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