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Jan 12, 2014
We were out of town last week, and our gym is closed this week, so my 6yo has had a 2 week break from gym. Before we left, I asked his coach if there was anything he should do at home. Coach said to stretch and work on press handstands. DS has been working on all three splits this week, but I'm wondering if there are any other stretches he should be doing-- like maybe something to work on shoulder flexibility?

Also, I noticed when he's doing the press handstand that he has trouble shifting his weight over his hands and shoulders before lifting his legs up. When his palms are flat on the floor, he can't seem to get his feet close enough to his hands for his hips to line up correctly. My guess is that this is another flexibility issue. I don't want to do too much coaching from home, but how would he go about working on that?
just give him a wall to work on it. keep your mouth shut and let him figure it out. :)
just give him a wall to work on it. keep your mouth shut and let him figure it out. :)

I'll try, but it's so HARD to keep my mouth shut! Even if I have no training in what I'm talking about. :p I'll suggest he try against a wall. Thanks!
i know, we're parents. best thing you can do for him is give him that wall and let him figure it out. :)

They are good for developing the hip flexors in the straddle-L. He'll hate you for it, but he might already be familiar of them.

Just blame his coach or me.

He also probably needs to work on more pancake/straddle sit splits.

Other than splits, working his bride and pike are good besides shoulder pass-thrus with a stick or rope.

More than likely he should be doing an elevated bridge with his feet off an ottoman or coach to focus on opening the shoulders with straight arms trying to get the shoulders over and past the wrists.
typically, I just let D take the lead. If he is off for a long period, his coach will often give him a list of things to do each day, or every other day. The last thing on the list is "just go have fun!" these boys have years ahead of them...burnout is high.

So if D asks, then I will help him, or do somethign with him. Otherwise, I just let him do what he wants. Now, if he starts with the "I'm bored" then I might ask him if he has stretched or conditioned. But usually, I just let him figure out waht he needs to do when not at gym
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