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Feb 16, 2014
Our gym orders each team a the same color practice Leo's. Well this time the HC sized them all so tight almost like competition tight. The tops of the Leo's are digging into some of the girls. Does anyone know of any Leo stretching secrets?
Just wanted to add: it might not be HC's foult. Our leo sizers came last year and my girl tried some sizers. CM size was perfect. Not too tight, not too big. With room to grow just enough to look great. So we ordered that size. I saw how it fit and agreed. Well the actual leos came a month later and that CM competition Leo was soooooo tiny! It was uncomfortable on shoulders. All the stitches lines were embeded on my girl's body afterwearing it. it was soooo tight. So go figure. Your coach probably had the same deal. Great trying sizers but getting slightly off size. Even though they say it's a true to size fit. It's not.
Could all the girls with too tight leos meet and pass them down a size. Then split the cost of any new bigger leos needed for the largest girls. Sell any small leos not needed by anyone on ebay to offset the cost a little or sell to pre team at gym?
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This sounds weird but it works...hang the Leo on a hanger and hang it up. Then put a can of vegetables in the crotch of the Leo to stretch it out.

When my coach ordered me a CM leotard and I was clearly not a CM she told my mom that trick and it worked really well.
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I go through that every year no matter how many times we measure. Each manufacturer seems to use a different measuring system besides..... I always order extra leos for that occasion, and still end up placing a second order later to fix the problem, as well as sending back the ones that don't fit. Your daughter spends a lot of time in her leo, get her one that fits and is comfortable. If you find a way to 'stretch' it, how long will that last before you are right back in the same situation? Good luck. :)
I did the can in the crotch for DDs leo too. Do it while its wet. It does work. Once DD had a tank leo that was too tight under the armpit so I pulled the straps up my thighs which are so much bigger then her arm and wore it around the house for several days. DD then was able to wear the leo.
I personally hate the sizers sent (especially by GK)... they send NYLON sizers when they know that the team is getting MYSTIQUE leotards - the fit is totally different... plus, over time, the nylon ones get stretched out more.

The sizers HC got this year from AF are much better (it looked like they were mystique, and they DID look tiny - like the actual team leotards).

I agree with passing down the leotards and selling the too smalls... and all chipping in to get the biggest new ones (with the costs defrayed by the selling of the tiny ones).
Very similar to the can but I used an ankle weight in the crotch on my dd leos to stretch them. While it is wet hang on sturdy hanger and put weight in I leave it there until the next time she wears it. This is the only way we get that 2nd year out of competition leos.
I put my dd's Leo over the large pillow. It helped to stretch long and wide. :) pillow inside the Leo for overnight. I think it was out of washer too. Kinda wet.
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