Stride Mill circle drills

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Nov 5, 2010
I need more ideas for stride/mill circle training. We work on stride hold on top of bar, big step forward to a panel mat, chest up, arms straight. Also work on stride walks under bar in stride hold. Some of my kids are getting it, but many are not. Need ideas to work on hand shift, and any other great ideas out there.

sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best..

Key elements - lead with the elbows, not the shoulders.

Practice shifting using a wooden stick/bar that they can lift. Practice the shift, with the stick between their legs.

Lastly, check out coach Ben's youtube drills, as they just about cover the whole range of what they need to know to be successful with this skill.

Coach Ben - Drill for Mill Circles

I hope that helps.

I also like Coach Ben's drills on You Tube. One of my L3's was doing everything right, just not shifting the hands. Telling her to get her chest to the high bar almost did the trick. Then I spotted just the wrist once or twice, and she got it. Now if she can keep it...;)
i am also having problems with these. my level 3's are having problems keeping the bar pressed on the back leg. when they come up the bar always comes to the back of the knee on the front leg. will these drills on the video help with that or do i need to do something else?
sorry for not getting back to you sooner - Im hoping you have implemented some of the drills from the video already - if you have, any success?

If not, generally, the biggest things to work on are elbows first, step forward, close the legs for the lift and shift over the top. Beyond that, it's just spot a million of them.

Good luck!
yes the videos did help^^ we have most of our mill circles, those who dont have them are still afraid...
One of the first skills that many kids do not master before the stride skill is the knee uprise in undergrip. This will help a lot with the shifting issues.
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