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Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
My duaghter really wants to make the level 4 team next summer and tryouts are in June. Based on where she is at and who made the team last year I figured she would probalby make the team. I was talking to her coach today and she told me that they are going to have a ton of kids trying out this year so many of the kids trying out will make the preteam instead of the team. My daughter is one of those kids who could miss out and instead be on preteam(She has been talking about team for a year). Her coach said one thing that she could work on to improve her chances is to work on her form. How does she do that? She does struggle a little with the tight body postions and straight arms and legs. If you remind her right before she does something, she remembers to fix it and it looks better but then she goes right back to doing it badly again. I know that visually she struggles sometimes to see that she is doing it wrong and doesn.t get that her arms might look different then the coaches. Any advise on what I can do to help her? How is good form taught?
Not open for further replies.