WAG Strugguling Level 7 gymnast

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Aug 29, 2020
Hi, i am currently training level 7 for this gymnastics season(if there is one) and I feel very unprepared. On floor and vault i feel confident on but beam and bars is where i need help.
UB- The skills my coach needs me to have is kip cast handstand(high and low bar), clearhip handstand, giants, and layout flyaway. If i dont have at least clearhip handstand, my coach wont allow me to compete level 7. My kip kast handstand is very incosistent and i rarely make handstand. Alot of the time, i can't even do a proper straight arm kip. Yikes! And for my clear hip handstand, it is very incosistent and i woud appreciate any tips for it. Additionaly, i have only done giants once but now i am scared of them and really I dont want to let my coaches down. Lastly, i am deathly afraid of any kind of flyaway. I have many bad experiences with hitting my legs on the bar and i havent done one in almost a year.
BB- I am confident with one backhandspring on the high beam but when it comes to a series, i struggle alot. I think my options are handstand back handsping or bhs bhs. Everytime i have to do a backhandpring connected with a skill before it i get very scared. Competition season might be around the corner i dont think i will have a series before then.
Please, if anyone has any tips, i would appreciate it. Oh, and i forgot to mention that i struggle with connecting more than one skill on bars. I feel like i need to adjust my hands after every skill.
I completely understand the rules but I wish we could have included a "your going to be ok, these fears are normal after a long break and you will get through them" message in there.
Not open for further replies.