Stubborn teammates.

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Jun 16, 2012
I live in the gym...
I'm a level 6 gymnast (training 7 in a couple of weeks, one last meet).
The level 5s and 6s train as a whole. So we train on the same days and the same hours.
My team, just the level 6s, we all get along pretty well. Except for the youngest girl, the whole level 6 team seems to have a problem with this girl at some point in time due to her lying and her mother constantly trying to get her moved up. Next year she wants to be a level 8 when she only has her skills for level 7 beam and vault. A couple of weeks ago this girl lied to a level 10 gymnast saying that another teammate on 6 was going to quit when she never said she was nor was she ever thinking about it. Yeah, she causes almost all of the drama. The level 5s cause the rest of it. There are only four level 5s and only one of the 5s works hard and respects the rest of us. The other level 5s are constantly back sassing to the coaches and 6s, messing around, and gossiping.
Whenever those three girls mess around the 6s and the good level 5 tell them to stop messing around and to get to work. They tell us how we're not the bosses of them and such. Keep in mind these girls are around 11-12 years old. They do the same to our assistant coach. They were so bad one practice (I was gone, otherwise I would've put them in their places) that the next practice we conditioned the entire time. It wouldn't have been so bad if we wouldn't have had an upcoming meet to prep for... It's so hard to stay focused and work when they're constantly causing problems.

Sorry it's so long. I needed to vent so badly.
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