For Parents Suggestions for practice leos?

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Sep 27, 2010
Okay, I haven't had to buy leos for practice in a while because dd's old gym had a specific practice leo that she wore to team practice. Now dd doesn't want to wear the old team leo to the new gym.

I have looked at the leos at the gym--GK's are $50+...she needs a few right away and I really don't want to spend a couple hundred bucks all at once. Any suggestions? Not trying to be too cheap, but wow, you could spend a fortune!
If you "search" the site you will find lots of links to inexpensive leo's. You are not the only parent interested in this topic.
Check Ebay! And Craigslist, too. Great deals to be found. Snowflake leos also has an Ebay site with some that are cheaper, they are great leos. eBay My World - snowflakeleos Most of DDs leos are GK or Snowflake.
I get most of DD's by going to the thrift store as a hobby. I get them for usually $1.50-$2.99. The other day I splurged and got DD one at the kids' consignment store for $5.99 since she'd moved up a size. I do love leotards. But of course they are usually not there. Then I'll go and there will be four lovely GK's in my daughter's size just sitting there. It's better than Vegas. We could afford to buy new, but then it would be just rediculous for her to own more than 10. So I don't think I've ever bought one new except for the team leo. In fact when DD moved up from Mommy and Me to classes at age 2.5, I had just bought her first two gym leos at the all-gym yard sale.

If you don't like multiple trips to Goodwill etc. trying to hit the jackpot, call the kids' consignment stores. They may be able to tell you what they have before you drive over.
My DD won't wear GK (too itchy, too tight, to whatever, she's a picky thing LOL) she likes the Leos from Motion wear and Look-it. They both are pretty inexpensive and hold up well.
I have bought DD a few here
FlipFlop Leos items - Get great deals on MULTIPLE SIZES, ONE LISTING, Girl's Size 3 items on eBay Stores!

Inexpensive so not all glittery and fun like GK but cute patterns and comfortable. Shes good with questions too...if you need help with a size or whatnot..a lot of the team girls at our gym buy from her

One issue I had tho...I bought one leo that was a shiny fabric and it lacked the stretch of the others. it also sort of bagged int eh front..DD loved it but I hated was a fabric issue tho, the quality was great..and other leos of non shiny fabric were fantastic!
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