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Dec 9, 2014
My DD but gym standards won't be young at 9yo this summer but it is for me in terms of her being possibly far away with strangers. How do other parents handle sending kids to sleep away gym camp? And coaches, how do you feel about your team going to these camps? We did a 5 day last year with our gym and DD loved it and I felt safe knowing who she was with. We live in CT. Can anyone recommend a camp in the NE area that they like? Coaches, do you feel it hurts your girls to be coached by others?
USGTC. Mine have been going for a few summers and LOVE it. It is in South Hadley MA. DD will be on the 9 and under floor again this summer. She is going with a few friends, as is ODD. There is a great one at UNH but I believe that you have to be 10 to stay over night.
My daughter has been going to sleepaway camp since she was six years old. She sometimes gets homesick if she is kept up too late at night, but is always fine again in the morning. We don't allow her to take a phone or texting device, on the theory that it's best if she concentrates on having fun instead of being reminded of home. She usually does such a good job of concentrating on having fun that we don't get any letters from camp.

I did have some initial concerns about sending her to college gym camp, so before sending her I spoke with the camp director to find out how the kids were supervised. We ended up sending her last summer at age 8 and she did survive the week without getting lost on campus, although she definitely got away with plenty of stuff that wouldn't fly at Girl Scout camp.

I firmly believe that sleepaway camp is an important growth experience for kids. I wouldn't force a kid under age 10 or so to go if she didn't want to, but if your daughter is interested in camp and you present it as a positive opportunity (don't tell her how much you'll miss her!), she will most likely have a great time and become more independent and self-sufficient.
DD and DS went to flip fest starting at 8 and 7 (he had only been 7 for about 10 days) respectively.
A little homesick year 1 and 3 for dd and year 2 for ds?
I agree that their benefits from camp wasn't gymnastics, but instead personal/developmental.
Mine both went to gym camp from age 7, they absolutely loved it. Most summers they went for two separate weeks and begged for more.
My 7-year old daughter spent a week at Dunkley's Gymnastics Camp along Lake Champlain just outside Burlington, Vermont. Very beautiful place and the groups are fairly small and good amount of staff. We were coming from out of state and out of region and my daughter enjoyed it. Only issue for my daughter was that that part of the summer was when their Level 2 routines were being worked on and refined and she missed some time there as her week was part of a larger extended stay in the Northeast. Luckily it didn't impact her much and admittedly she missed her team and teammates. Nevertheless, I would recommend the camp.
We've done IGC and Woodward since my oldest was 7 and they both have loved it. She started at IGC when she was 7 and went with her team and did fine. We did Woodward after that because that's what our gym did ( new gym) and the girls actually preferred Woodward. Several of the gym parents and myself would sign up to work at Woodward so that always worked out well too...we were on the Woodward campus but our kids did their own thing..in fact, I rarely saw my youngest the whole time we were there!
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