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Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
I am tring to chose a gymnastics summer camp that is good. I am 13yrs. old and I have never been to a Gymnastics summer camp. It needs to be overnight. So if any of you out there have some suggestions, that would be great. If you can leave the website{s} and how you well enjoyed it. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!:D:D
University of Georgia!! We've had girls from our gym go to their camp & LOVED it. They learned so much & had a great time. :D
Depends where you live. I'd say definitely check into woodward. I go to woodward east, but im sure Woodward west is just as good. Woodward is the best gymnastics camp I have been to so far. I love it! You have an opportunity (which i took) to do gymnastics about 7 hours a day.

is also great. It is in Penn in the Pocono's. DD is going for her 4th year and loves it. They have a sister sports camp down the street, so everyone that is at this camp is only there for gymnastics. They have lots of training during the day, and open gyms at night. I think there schedule is on line. They usually have great celebrity (olympian) gymnast. Counselors are usually from Ireland or Australia, and are great. They remember kids from year to year. There's lots of fun activities for those taking a break from gymnastics, and some camp-wide activities. Cabins are by age, so you'd be placed with girls within 1 year of your age. I think several chalk bucket gymnast go to this camp, or will be this year. Chellsie Memmel is scheduled week 1, Shawn Johnson week 2, and Nastia week 9. The get their picture taken and have a question and answer session with guests.
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