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Oct 7, 2013
We are considering sending DD to camp this summer if she can find a buddy to go (working on it). She'll have just turned 11 and is training level 7. Based on geography (not ready to have her too far away yet), we're primarily considering either IGI or UIC. Any experiences with either of them out there? Is there any real comparison between the two? Of course we'll check with her club, too.

We don't want to miss any registration deadlines, so we're trying to get a feel for them now. The only thing swaying me one way or another at this point are the dates: timing of IGI is slightly preferable, and she has a teammate that might be interested in camp who can't make UIC dates.

Thanks for any help!
My DD had a very good experience at IGI camp in the past. They worked her intensively at the level she was at. She didn't come home having chucked any new skill. She had very good things to say about the coaches. They must have gotten to know all the campers well because one coach remembered her name, and was able to recount some of her experience to me, when we bumped into him long after camp was over. I was impressed by that. Also, she said the food was good.

Ironically, she was asking to go to UIC camp this summer because, wanting to follow in her dad's footsteps, that's where she wants to get her engineering degree That was until she got wind of Karoli (sp?) Camp browsing in the Usagym magazine. Now her camp goals have changed to Texas. I was hoping this would be the year she would do a camp unrelated to gym.
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