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I've heard of them, and I got a brochure and stuff, but I'm not going since I quit. LOL. But they looked great, and I'm sure it would be a wonderful experience.
I've never been before, but I'm going this summer!! Maybe I'll see you there...;)
That looks like a lot of fun! Maybe I can talk my mom into letting me go with a couple of friends!:p
I've never been, but my friend went a few summers ago and said that they spot you on everything. They wouldn't even let her do cartwheels by herself (she is a L6):eek:. I'm not sure if this was just an isolated experience or not, and I'm sure that you would have a great time if you went. Good Luck with your decision.

I'm really sorry, but I got the names of two camps mixed up.:( The camp that my friend went to was IGC, not USGTC:(. Good luck at camp:). Again, really, really, really sorry.:(
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