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Now that school is done here are some random questions which we can all answer about our summer training....

How many hours are you training each week this summer? Do you like summer training or do you like regular year better? Are you going to gym camp at all?


Oct 19, 2008
New York
Im trying to do two classes a week instead of one...except money is really tight so im trying to get a part time job to pay for the two classes a week...but then again...if im working, i cant be at gym
idk how this is going to work
But, Im working out a LOT more at home, running, conditioning etc, because i have more time =)
Well we are actually in Winter here, but meh.
At our gym, we don't train over the holidays, but I go to a gym in the city every Saturday, so about once a week. Call me weird, but I actually preffer to train in the heat! I just don't like humidity:eek:.
There is a camp that goes for a week and I'd love to go to that, but like you, sgnsp, we're tight on money and I'm to young for a job.
I also do lots of cross training, especially swimming coz it's cool.:D


May 16, 2009
i am going 10 hours a week with lots of training at home. next month i am starting a training program and that will add 3-4 more hours a week. i am really excited! i also do lots of different excercises like running, swimming, hurdling, tennis, volleyball, etc..... (all of these are on homeschool teams so i only go once a week for practice). i am not allowed to go to any spend the night camps but i am going to a camp next week its only 2 hours for 2 days though.
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You guys are off school already? LUCKY!!! Here in the UK i dont finsh for 2 weeks yet!!!!! lol unfair! This summer I'm doing 30-35 hours in the gym so not much more than normal but I'll be doing a lot more structured workout with my coach so running, weight training , extra conditioning lol! We dont have gym camps in the same way here and the countires main gym camp is at my gym lol so i go to that but i dont actually go on cmap in the same way you guys do! Would love to but I asked my parents about one like IGC nd they said that with the air fare on top of the actuall cost we just couldnt afford it! :(


Well first off I'm so excited it's summer!:) Since I do high school gymnastics, I train up to 7 hours a week. I'll end up doing a lot of strength work at home too. I like my training during the winter better because it's 2 hours a day and we sometimes have up to 2 meets per week. We also get a lot of time to do different skills. I really want to go to a camp, but I still have this dumb ankle injury. It's been 7 MONTHS now since I hurt it and it's not really getting better. If it does though, I might be able to go to a camp later in the summer.:p


New Member
Jun 27, 2009

I take acro (1 hour) during the summer as well as a 2 hour class for artistic, but I do lotssss of training at home in the summer. I run, lift weights, dance, and do flexibility exercises as well as tumble in my backyard. ( I only started a short time ago, but I do different gyms during the winter and summer, so alot of my training is at home...) but I do summer programs when I can, I just have to pay for it... ouch- (pain in the wallet), all my spending money goes into gymnastics. but I don't mind at all.


I am doing 42 hours a week this summer. I have two practices a day and I go everyday of the week except Sundays. My schedule is 10-1 and then 4 to 8. At home I run 2 or 3 miles every morning with my dog :) thats about the only thing I do outside the gym because we do a lot of strenth and flexibility there.


New Member
Apr 15, 2008
I lovee summer training! partly because sometimes we have nights that we fool around the gym, after conditioning, and the stress level is down cause we dont have competitions,
i am doing 9-12 hours a week
And yupp lovee going away to camp!


Aug 30, 2008
i am working out 21 hours a week. i definiteley prefer summer workouts. this is because i have the whole day and dont have to come from school. also, no homework after practice!:D i also like summer because we can have more time on all the events and time for drills:p however, i dont go to camp this year, though i have in the past:rolleyes:


New Member
Nov 15, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I'm training 16 hours in the gym (same as during the year) and then I've also joined a regular (workout) gym because I want to do cardio. My regular coach goes away for the WHOLE summer (wahhh!) to coach at a gym camp, so my group has to train with another coach...and lets just say she isn't super nice. Also we don't train skills in the summer, just conditioning. So I hate summer training. But at least I'll be getting stronger!


i do 20hrs a week. and i like summer work out better cus u get to work out on new skills. and iv never ben 2 gymnastics camp but iv always wanted to go. :)


Dec 21, 2008
I am only doing abou 4 hours a week right now, but that will change if I make team this month, and I will be at about 8 then. I love summer training so far though, because the gym is so much emptier, there doesn't seem to be as much competing for time on different apparatus. Never been to summer camp, but next year I want to try to go to Woodwards adult session


Sep 19, 2008
our "summer training" is kinda weird. we train in this really small gym over the summer with hardly any equipment, so you cant really do much. But still, for some reason its the most productive time, even if we can't do that many hours. probably because it's small and you're constantly busy. Also, we don't do a lot of conditioning there (it's only the older girls going anway) because we all do that at home anyway (it'd be a waste of actual gym time).
So overall, hours will be 8 if we're lucky, but mostly less. And then I'll condition at home every day. Weirdly enough, I definitely feel like I'm improving....
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