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I've seen a few posts excited about the new skills our children are learning, and thought it's time to start a thread!

What skills are your children training right now? Are they close on some, struggling on others?

I talked to Bean before she left for gym this morning, and her training is focused on the following:

Floor: Double Twists and Double Backs

Bars:Front Giants, Pak Saltos, Bails, Stalders and endos..(not sure about dismount..forgot to ask)

Beam:Front and side ariels

Vault: Tsukahara(sp?)

She's pretty confident on all of them right now..time is on her side:) She's not as thrilled by the side ariel..thinks it's ugly, lol!

I'm hoping on spending a few hours in the gym one day in August to film some of her training..she loves to look back and see the progress!

I can't wait to hear about everyone else's training!!


Proud Parent
Apr 14, 2009
Region 8
Morgan just got her Giant on bars. Yay!

Beam she is working on BWO BHS, and getting over needing a spot for the first two tries. UGH! This she is struggling with.

Floor she has, but is perfecting, FHS FT, RBHS Layout, and fulls into the pit

Vault is the same since she is competing L7

She is going from L5 to L7 so on 8/29 she is going to a L6 score out meet. She is also working L6 routines.

Jan 2, 2009
DD is going to compete L5, but is training for L6. She got her BWO on the beam, and has been working on FWO with the fatty, she is also working on ROBT (into the pit right now) free hip (which she cn do, but lacks consistency) and her fly away (actually they haven't been working on that yet, but she needs it. maybe we will have a few private lessons closer to the meet season)

She is also working on just cleaning everything up. Right now her L5 dismount is uuuuuggggggllllllleeeeeeeee on the bars. Another one of those useless skills!

Jul 14, 2009
Bonney Lake, WA
This is a fun time at our gym as they are not yet to the point of fine tuning their routines for competition in the fall yet they have a lot of their L6 skills down and are learning new stuff.

On beam they are doing RO, BHS, and CW BT dismount, bars they are doing whatever the steps are that lead into giants (not so familiar with the names), and on floor they are getting their layouts. The vault is out of commission for another week or so so nothing new there at the moment (lots of moving stuff around, new equipment, new pits being dug, etc. It's a mess but will be great once it's finished).
Jan 17, 2008
Beetle is hoping to compete L9 this year. I still think we will have a second year of L8. But this is where she is at:

Vault: Working Pike Tsuks - Confident she will have a tuck Tsuk by comp season and probably a pike by mid season

Bars: Working Cast to Hand Clearhip to Hand 1/2 Pirouette. It just needs cleaning. She is also working toe shoots and Shoot overs(Baile's) catches the Bar on Toe Shoots but cant kip out of them yet.. which apparently means she isnt catching them correctly. Needs a light spot on Shootovers. She is deciding between a double back dismount and a full twist.

Beam: BHS BHS... that is it.. she has her dance (Switch leap Straight 3/4 and a Wolf 3/4 Shooshenova). She is also working a side Gainer half or full. she has a lay out right now..

Floor: She is going to do: FHS Front LO. FLO.. She is Doing FHS FLO FPIke.. so just needs to lay out. Front tuck through to a full twist and Full and a half twist Punch front tuck. She has her double full twists (sometimes) but her coach wants her to do the full and a half punch because she gets connection value for it.

I think having another year to work these skills will be good, but going to L9 is her goal....


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
DD is L4. She is working on lots. Justcgit her squat on jump to high bar. Has done FHS over vault table with a spot. Is pretty good with her cartwheel & BWO on beam. Did BHS with a spot on the hot dog beam. Working on staying tight and form asthat is her current struggle !!!


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
I posted about the girls' bars on my thread but will sum up other skills here.

DD#1 will be doing a 2nd year of L8 and USAIGC Gold -
Vault - practicing her tuck tsuk, working on yurchenko's
Fx - perfecting her routine, practicing her leaps and full
Bars - giants/front giants, straddlebacks (hates this), toe shoots, got her giant/giant/flyaway towards end of season so still practicing this
Beam - still working on BHS BHS series needs to be faster and more consistent

Little Monkey L6 (there has been some mention of scoring out to L7 but I'm not sure about since she is young). For USAIGC she will move to Silver.
FX - routines (coach wants her to do layout instead of tuck) & working on full
Beam - got BWO, working BHS
Bars - working clear hip to handstand and practicing routines, uptraining giants, toe shoots, straddleback
Vault - same as before, FHS

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Ok, so here is what I believe that dd is working. This is stuff that I've seen her working in the gym. I don't know the frequency of her working on it, but it's summer and there is uptraining.

Vault - has Yurchenko pike, working Yurchenko LO. (No where near, but it's fun to dream - vault is not her event, she just has to be consistent!)

Bars - Front giants, toe on to handstand (low bar), clear hip to hs pirouette (low bar), blind full change, paks, shootover (bails). No dismount, have no idea what she is working if anything.

Beam - BHS-BT series. This is all I know that she is working on. She has a side aerial, but haven't seen it in awhile. It seems that basics are being stressed. She is working a lot of RO-LO dismounts, I'm guessing to build up to full, but who knows.

Floor - She has her full - yeah! To know what we dealt with in regards to back twisting, this is a huge accomplishment. She is really excited because she is working and starting to hit 1.5 back twist on tumble trak. The girls are working a lot of leaps and jumps series. All kinds of stuff. She already has FHS-FLO-FP. Know she has half-punch front.

I am not sure if she will be competing another yr of 8 or 9. Coach mentioned something about doing 8 again back in May/June, who knows. I guess it all depends on what she gets before the season starts.


TODAY WAS A BIG DAY!! DD got her giant on strap bar which is huge for her she was so afraid to do it. It was such a biggie that the coach took a video of her doing it to show the owner and the other coach . Who were out today.

She also finally connected her Roundoff Backhandspring, back tuck and landed on her feet without squating on the landing. ANOTHER BIGGIE in the day. AND her layout is finally open and not piked WOW.

All the skills seem to be coming this week. Friday she got her backwalkover backhandspring on the beam and her switch leg split. And it even looked good LOL.

Then on Vault yesterday she got it looking like a 10! The owner (who is also a judge) couldn't believe it Her 8.9 valut looked like a 9.7 easy he said. Now she is vaulting all over the place and her comment is I really like my vault now.

She is flying on cloud 9 this week. And everything is just clicking - Now if she get the rest of the bar moves looking good she is going to be awsome this season.


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Oct 26, 2007
DD1 will be a L5 this season and has her squat on jump to high bar, cast horizontal and just got her kip today:) 8 times she tells me. She is working on tap swings and now will have to work on better straight arms for her kip.

On beam she has learned her full turn and now is working on more consistency with her cartwheel.

Vault- She has never vaulted over the table yet. They just do drills and won't start going over the table till camp in Aug.

Floor- she has her front tuck and standing back tuck on the tumbletrak. She can also do her backhandspring - bt on tumbletrak. She is working on her fhs and correcting her arch back that she struggles with in handstands.


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Aug 16, 2008
Little DD- L2- soooooo close to her pullover FINALLY (has done it THREE WHOLE TIMES by herself and we are having a PARTY the day she gets it!!!). Then she needs to get back hip circle and sole circle dismount. Everything else in L2...she just needs to polish!:)

Older DD- L4- soooooo close to her kip and needs to polish that darn L4 beam routine, mainly the leaps which are, as one other poster said....uuuuuuuggggggly! (sorry DD!) Just got cartwheel on beam. Working a little bit on L5 vault but not toooo much (she thinks it is scary!).

Nov 5, 2007
Canadiangymmom nice to see you again on CB.
Since DD is out on a shoulder injury she can't really do much at this point.
She keeps working her gainer layout on beam and works towards connecting her switchleap switchside.
She is working to improve the form on her punchfrontfulls on tumbletrack.
She also does some tkatchef drills.


Sami, my HS gymnast, is working on back tuck on beam, bwo/bhs roll down on beam, FHS-Front LO-F tuck on floor and back full. Tsuk on vault. Shootover on bars and clear hip handstands.

Beth--level 8 this coming year has her 8 skills on beam (bhs-bhs as a series) and is working on 9 skills--has the back tuck, and is connecting a jump into the back tuck. She's working BHS-back layout step out drills on beam. And round off fulls for a dismount. On floor Round off-whip-back layout. Fulls and one & a halfs. Vault--Yurchenkos--tucks (pikes only if she gets tucks). Bars--shootovers and she has her front giants.

Gotta run now--she needs to GO to gymnastics :)
Jul 11, 2009
It has been a busy summer. Tamya too is going from level 5 to 7 so she is going back and forth on skills.

Beam - bwo as well as bwo, bhs combo and fwo. leap jump wolf jump and differnt mounts.

Floor - front tuck as well as front tuck front tuck combo ( more like front tuck belly flop) and half to progress to fulls.

Bars- free back hips and giants - iInow she can't wait to get those darn giants but I can't wait wither lol.

Vault - round off jump ons although she isn't going to do round off for 7.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
My report is based off of what my gymmie tells me. There is a major conflict with her practice schedule and my work hours. Thank heavens that dh works from home and I have an older one that drives and picks little sister up.

Anyway, after 7 weeks of summer practice including 1 week of camp, this is what I know. I really don't have a clue on leaps/jumps!

Vault--working Yurchenko tucks and was supposed to start flipping them off the table this week. I think the tsuk has been banished to some dark corner of the gym for good. Was told depending on how quickly she can do the tuck yurchenko off the table, they might move her on to working layouts. She's been working yurchenkos in one way or another for 2 yrs. and it is the better vault for her.

Floor--fhs-flo-front full on tumble trak---this was huge for her since front tumbling was never her strength, but now it seems to be clicking well. Back 1.5/punch front---has already taken that out on the floor, double full---just needs a little more consistency and her biggie from camp was doing her double back on the real floor with a spot and landing mat.

Beam--the real challenge. Side aerial on high beam with road mat. Working hurdle to ro-full into pit. Trying different mounts. She and the beam coach she didn't feel connected with are working on getting that bhs-bhs

Bars--Saved for last---her favorite event. Doing bail to handstand now. Working toe shoots and getting pretty consistent. Of course, multiple drills on clear hip to hs and pirouettes. The biggie here is at camp they started her doing her double back out of giants into the pit. She was sooooo anxious to get that. After 1week back at the gym, the HC put a landing mat in the pit and told her to start standing them up. Probably her favorite skill right now.

Lets see, she finally was supposed to turn in her music choices for her new fx routine. Overall, its been a busy summer!


Wow, sounds like everyone is doing great. I haven't posted in awhile, but thought I'd update on what Lily is working on. It is looking like she will do L6 next year, though the possibility of repeating L5 still exists.

Vault - same old same old, but her vault is looking much better. She struggles with vault due to her small size but seems to be running faster, which is translating into better vaults.

Floor - she has her front tuck, front hs series and bhs/bt but continues to work on getting more height and better pop on these. In addition, just working on the L6 routine in general. The only uptraining occurring here is some layout, layout half and fhs/ft stuff on tramp and tumble track. Also, she trains with the L7s on Fridays and they do work on some L7 leaps like switch leap, which thus far is completely eluding her.

Beam - this is the one apparatus where she seems to really be ahead of the game. Has her entire L6 routine, including very pretty dismount, though the full turn is not consistent. Just got bhs on high beam last week and now they are moving her to working on bwo/bhs connection, which she did on low beam with a spot first try and I expect she will get on her own this summer (7 yr olds have no fear!). She is also working cartwheel step-ins. Has her press, has her tic tock - working on fwo.

Bars - bars are a struggle. She is working on her clear hip and has it but it needs a lot more work to go to 3/4 hs, working on all L6 routine skills. I think she can do all of it but the flyaway, but it's not connected. She has a nice chs and is working some on kip/chs and giants, though still pretty far away from these.

Feb 26, 2007
This'll be a long post.

Oldest is pretty sure thse wants to stay in the Scolairer system for next year and she already has all the skills as she is in the top level already. I think she enjoys training lower hours and having less pressure. She will probeby never use most of the skills she is training at a comp, but they are fun to do.

Cast handstand, perfecting layout

back handspring, cartwheel/BT dismount

Layout & layout half

Same old HS with some Tsuk timers thrown in at camp

She also trains tramp as they do 5 apparatus in Scolaire, but she has all the skills.

Youngest isn't certain whether she will go in the Provincial system or stay in the Scoalire. Some big changes Provincially this year, one of which is that you must have a kip to compete, it was never an issue before. I imagine lots of clubs in Canada are now struggling to make sure all their atheletes have the kip. She already has all the skills for scolaire.

Kip, very close but who knows what that means. Flyaway, she'll have it no problem, basically is getting the comfort spot. Working on cleaning up the flailing limbs.

Working BWO, can do it on low beam alone, with a spot on all other beams. BT dismount is coming alone. Full turn is yet to be worked, but I think that comes faster than some other things.

Fixing her BHS, she puts her arms out too far. Working RO BHS BT at camp. We don't have a tumbletrack so getting those tumbling skills takes a little while longer.

FHS needs to get over vault at 125cm with gymnova board to go Provincially, it may be a challenge!:rolleyes:


My soon-to-be seventh grader has been working hard towards adding a new release and a new dismount (double back flyaway with a full twist) to her UB routine, but her best efforts have come outside of the gym: She’s taught herself the equivalent of a one-year course in Mandarin Chinese since she finished sixth grade in early June! My daughter was so excited when she signed up to commute for one period a day to the local high school’s new Chinese language program that she started studying in advance; now it seems she’ll be ready to start the second-year course when it begins late next month. I'm amazed that gymnasts can get so much done over the summer :)

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Wow, that's really cool! :D

My soon-to-be seventh grader has been working hard towards adding a new release and a new dismount (double back flyaway with a full twist) to her UB routine, but her best efforts have come outside of the gym: She’s taught herself the equivalent of a one-year course in Mandarin Chinese since she finished sixth grade in early June! My daughter was so excited when she signed up to commute for one period a day to the local high school’s new Chinese language program that she started studying in advance; now it seems she’ll be ready to start the second-year course when it begins late next month. I'm amazed that gymnasts can get so much done over the summer :)


Well dd will be competing L4 this fall but lots of uptraining going on this summer. Mostly I think it's just for fun.

On bars dd has her squat on and jump to high bar, is working kips, baby giants, giants w/ a spot, clear hips, and has pretty decent cast handstands, and tap swings. Her L4 skills are all pretty consistent although she needs straighter arms on FHC and her dismount sometimes lacks flight but when she wants to do a good one she does.

On floor she working FHS, ROBHSBT w a spot, has her ROBHSBHS, and I think that's it. Oh they are just starting to run L4 routines with music.

On beam she has her cartwheel and has done a few BWO by herself on the high beam. They work lots and lots of handstands and they've really improved since last season. They just started L4 routines last monday. I haven't seen one yet but dd says it was Atleast she's aware!!

On vault they work lots and lots of drills and does FHS vault over table with a much needed spot. She doesn't have fear but I walk faster than she! They really need to get her to RUN!

DD is very excited with all the uptraining and TOPS training!
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