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May 21, 2008
So now that most gymnastics competitions are over, what are your summer vacation plans?

We are going to Punta Cana in the DR for a week. Can't wait. DD will miss week of gym.

She is loving the uptraining since states 10 days ago. She is working bhs, bhs on beam and is going it on the low beam. On floor she has done great with front tumbling. All in one day she did fhs, front pike, fhs front layout, and fhs flyspring ft. (she can already do her bhs layout) Bars is still a work in progress and vault is the same for l7.


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Feb 26, 2007
Team training finished for the year on the 13th May. Youngest is going twice a week and oldest (first week back in gym after injury) will go once a week until summer training begins.

Oldest finishes school next week until the 30th August, long break for her. Once the summer begins she will go to our gym for four weeks training of 15 hours a week. She wants to work her giants, clear hip and layout off bars, BHS on beam. No idea what she will compete next year, we'll just let it be for her. Floor and vault who knows as she doesn't tumble a lot now.

Youngest is working on her flyaway and is hoping the kip will come back to stay soon (it's only a bonus skill here so not essential like in the US). Working BT dismount off beam and her BWO, on floor she really wants her RO BHS BT, we shall see, also neeeds to get over the vault at 125cm using the gymnova springboard, ick.

We are driving them to IGC for a week in July, hubby and I will go off to Washington and Philly for the week, I am very excited about DC, girls are very excited about IGC, though oldest really wants to go to the Holocaust museum after reading "Boy in the striped pyjamas".

The girls will also go to Gymrep camp in Quebec, but that is local and an easy drive. We will probably go to Toronto for a loong weekend in August and as we live in the town where our extended family has it's cottage we will be partying all summer long with cousins, uncles, aunts etc.

Beloved son 16 will be moving to the big city, 90 mins away, and working for the summer before he starts collge in September. :( Sad about that, but they do have to grow up fast when school is so far away.

Be nice to enjoy the down time with no school lunches, gym suppers and scheduling to deal with. Lots of boating, swimming, campfires and watching the shooting stars on the deck in sleeping bags!


We always take a week away at Osoyoos, B.C. (a wonderful, close to home alternative to Mexico, LOL! - temperatures are usually in the mid 30's and the beach is sandy white, lake water is like a bathtub.......ahhhh, we love it there!). Our gym is starting a mandatory two week shutdown in late July/August this year - not sure how that's all going to work - might try to find another place to train for a few weeks....

DD is also loving uptraining - summer training is always so much fun for them. She is working her tsuk vault, giant/giant flyaway on bars, bhs/bhs on beam (she competed her BT on beam last weekend, yeah!!) and new beam dismount (probably a r/o layout or r/o layout full). Floor will be layout 1 1/2, and more front tumbling like FT/F Layout, that sort of thing. I can't wait for next competitive season to see how it all comes together. She gets a new floor routine this year, too.

Hope all have a great vacation!


Our gym steps it up over the summer they will be closed from the 4th for the week after. This is the week they ask everyone to take off etc. DD is going to Archery Camp that week. She loves bow and arrows.

She will also go to one week of Gym camp at Mt holyoak College this summer and Son will go to a Boy Scout national convention in Indiana this summer. All of these were paid around christmas time and no refunds so they are going.

With Hubby taking a 30K a year pay cut and me being laid off for the past 2 months - our vacation is going to be on my back deck and the town beach.

The team meets all summer M - Th from 8am - 12:30pm basicly all morning. Tuesday is considered an optional day of training where you can opt out not to train on that day but the optional level girls are required to go on that day so they can practice their optional routines.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
No vacation plans for us. We are barely surviving as it is, so no extra money right now. The gym has a week off leading up to July 4th, but we will be here, going crazy trying to keep the girls busy. No summer camp, nothing. :( But, we ARE thankful for what we DO have, we really are. Would love just a day at the beach, but no beaches here.

Hope everyone going on vacation has a blast!

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
You are referring to packing suitcases and going away somewhere and doing fun type stuff?? Not for us this summer. Gymmie will be going to Lake Owen and has oodles of social engagements when not in the gym. She is also going to tutor kids through a program our local library has. Older daughter just graduated from high school, so now we will rev up to get her ready to go out of state to college. She and dh will go to a 2 day freshman orientation.

I, like Cher, will be spending the summer around the house.---trying to find some peace and quiet.


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Oct 10, 2008
We have a week, week and a half at the river in July and a week at the beach in August. I can't wait!

There is a gym about 30 (I can't remember) min from the house at the River and DD is looking forward to a couple of visits there. DS can probably take a week off. I don't know if DD will go put in a few hours somewhere at the beach. Probably not. I kind of want to camp or do something else cheap ...


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Feb 16, 2008
Two more weeks of school here then summer vacation will start. DD will be in the gym M-T-W-TH, DS and I will more than likely spend alot of time bowling while she is at the gym.

Week before the 4th DH is on vacation (I will work 2 weekends in a row and have time off during the week with him) so we will head up to my mom's cottage.

From a Wednesday to a Sunday my mom and I are taking the car ferry from Manitowac, WI to Ludington, MI then heading up to the UP of Michigan by way of Mackinac Island and the bridge.

Week 8 DD and I will be at Lake Owen with about 30 of her teammates. I am hoping that they would also need a nurse for week 9 as I am also on vacation then and would love to stay for 2 weeks. DS is heading to a YMCA camp near my mom's cottage while we are at LO.

Really to look at things, the kids are out of school in 2 weeks, and only have 11 weeks of summer break this year, so techically they are back in school in just 13 weeks. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:


No big vacation plans here. Beth is going to Lake Owen for a week--two of her gym mates and her sister are going that same week, so it'll be fun for them! Other than that--just up to the lake! They go year round with no breaks, but summer session starts June 15th--Beth will be going 5 days a week during the summer.


DD is going to IGC the week leading up to 4th of July, so I'll get to get up on the 4th around 4:00 am to go pick her up! DD2 is doing swim team, so that takes up from when they get out of school until the end of July. Then DD2 does Music Theater day camp for 2 weeks. We may go visit grandparents the week before school starts (end of August), since both my mom and mom-in-law leave on beach in New England. DD1 will have practice during the day, so it will be stange to have her home at nights. Just lots of pool time in-between. Maybe a night at the beach (opps, I actually typed beam when I typed that!) during the weekend, since there is no practice then. If we go away for a week, I'm sure there will be lots of handstands, backhandsprings, and splits on the beam, but we probably won't visit a gym. Grandparents want all the time they can get with the kids, since we don't live that close! DH has started a new job, so he gets no vacation for a while.

Granny Smith

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Jun 21, 2007
I'll be in Disney World in 20 days for a week. the ILs are taking the kids to someplace called Rockin' Horse Ranch in upstate NY in August for a week. We will get down the shore a couple of weekends and stay with my mom. Also belong to a pool, so we'll go over to the pool a lot. Gym is M-Th 2-6pm and Fri 9-12. Not the greatest of times, but both dh and I work full-time so it wasn't like she was going to have grand plans anyways... ;)

Can't wait for 20 more days. Dd is done school on the 18th, ds is done on the 19th and we leave for Disney on the 22nd!:D
Mar 7, 2007
You know in the UK kids only get 6 weeks off in summer.

Same here in HOLLANd. Just 6 weeks, but plenty for me.:)

Our plans. Well we still have about 5 weeks I think before holidays start. Their official starting day is July 13, but they already have off on the 10th. We have booked a ferry to go to the UK. My dh is Scottish. And last year we weren't able to go at all, because of car/financial problems. So this year we are. We are going just over 2 weeks. I am trying to get Talitha to train a few hours at a gym not far from my inlaws. Someone who comes here on the forum sometimes, is assistant coach there, Lasswade Coach. dd trained there twice 2 years ago and she loved it. Have messaged Lasswade C. through the forum here and hope to hear from her soon.

Then we go back home in the 3rd week of the vacation and in the 6th and last week, dd will go to a camp for 5 days and 4 nights. A gymnastics camp of course. Not the same one as the last 2 years, which was a Christian camp, but one that has more training a day. So hopefully she will be able to learn a few things in Scotland and at camp.

And then August 24th the kids go back to school again.:)
Sep 8, 2007
Well Fri was my dd's last day of school.She will be doing 2 weeks at horse camp,1 week of gym camp(at her gym).This year she decided she wants to go to Kentucky to visit my mom & stepdad plus plenty of aunt,uncles and cousins she will go up for almost 3wks the gym will not be happy but she hardly gets to see them and family should always come first.Me the summer is to busy at work to take much time off I plan on staying about 4 dys in Kentucky when I go and get her and of course spend plenty of time at the beach!!
So now that most gymnastics competitions are over, what are your summer vacation plans?

DW and her friend arranged a one-week vacation for us in Alabama at the "beach". I'm quoting this because I've personally never heard of a vacation quality beach in Alabama... but I'm open. Frankly I like the idea of a ONE day's drive the most.

Last year we went to Virginia Beach. (Now that's a beach!) But the trek from Missouri was a bit more then I care to repeat.
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This is the first Summer in a long time that I don't don't have to worry about dd's gym schedule & her missing too much, if we decide on any last minute trips. She will of course go to T&T practice, but only 2 evenings a week. If she misses, no big deal. Still PLENTY of time to train before she starts competing in January (IF she decides to stick w/ this and compete).

She gets to to to CA for 2.5 weeks & stay w/ some friends, lucky girl. Then she has a CA friend coming here to visit us for 1 week.

Other than that, we are considering buying a trailer to hitch to hubby's truck. That way, we can take off whenever we want to, & go see some sights. It'd be nice to see Yellowstone, I have not seen that yet, and maybe some of the beautiful Nat'l parks in Utah, or maybe the Eastern seaboard, have not seen that either.

Older dd has to finish her driving lessons, which will take about the whole Summer, due to the way they schedule the drive times. So we'll have to come & go accordingly.

So it seems we're in for mostly spur-of-the-moment type stuff, which is fine w/ me!
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