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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
DD got her back walkover on beam tonight 2 times! But that is NOT why I am super proud. LOL. Sure I am amazed by her like usual, but she overcame a huge fear.

She has struggled with beam since she fell off it once when she had just turned 5. After that, she became very negative about beam, always saying she wasn't good at it, etc. She has gradually become more positive about it and won a beam contest (stayed on the most) a this summer and that made her really confident. She even started liking beam rotations and said she was starting to get good on beam.

Last Wed., one of the girls that has been with her since pre-team got her back walkover on beam. Of course, DD wanted to try it, and she was SO not ready. Her friend has been practicing on a line at home for awhile now, mine could barely land it on the wide low beam that night. She was doing it on high beam with a spot and HIT HER HEAD. Still got back up and tried it a few more times with a spot, but left crying. Partly because her head hurt, partly because she was jealous of her friend. (Can we say competitive, yikes)

They missed gym on Friday so tonight her friend was up there again, trying her BWO on beam. DD got up there with her coach again, did some with a spot and then did some more with her other coach on the high beam with mats under it with a spot. Eventually she tried a few on her own and got it 2 times. She rang the gong, but then missed her 2 tries, thankfully the whole gym clapped for her both times.

Over the weekend she had tried a few at home on a line and vowed she was "never going to try a BWO on beam until she was a L6!"

I am really so proud of her that she tried despite her fear of hitting her head and that she kept going. I know she is driven a bit by jealousy right now, which drives me nuts, but she still overcame a huge fear.

And I am really terrified because her friend is now almost doing back handspring stepouts on the beam by herself and mine was trying them with a spot. I hope she stops trying to do everything her friend is doing. My heart can't take it. :eek:
Nov 5, 2007
Sounds like she is really doing great.She wanted it so much she overcame her fear.Tell her congratulations and keep up the good work.


It's not about the skills so much as it is about the effort and the heart put into them and it sounds like your daughter has that by the truckload. Good work!!!


That is great !!!! You should be very proud - overcoming fear is huge - especially after hitting her head. A lot of girls would have given up for a while after that - you've definitely got a little toughie over there :D


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
I totally understand why you are super proud...and I would be, too!!! To get back up on that beam and conquer something when you've been scared is a big deal! She sounds very determined...and will probably be doing those handspring step outs toooooo soon...;)...too soon for her mama that is!!!

Jul 12, 2007
YAY for A ! :applause::thumbsup::applause::thumbsup::applause: What a big skill for a little girl - She is such an amazing gymmie and should be so proud of herself...

Thanks for sharing this very beautiful gym moment mariposamama.


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
That's great that she was able to overcome her fear & go for it! The "go for it" ability is a must as the skills get more advanced...looks like she's got it! Congrats to DD & keep up the good work:)


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
AWESOME! Don't you just love when their determination to get something is larger than life? I'm sure beam will be her favorite event now that she has conquered her fears.

My DD goes though stages when she works something at home over and over again (last month it was press handstands) and then nothing for awhile! But some of her best days in the gym are trying something new. Beam is not her fav, but she managed to do a BWO in May on it and seems to have a re-newed appreciation for it, LOL
Aug 7, 2008
That is so great! Fear is so hard to overcome, especially in young children. Sounds like your dd is a very determined (and talented!) little girl.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She definitely has determination when it comes to the gym. At home, a completely different story. I was about this close to driving her to the nearest school today. She HAS to do things perfect the first time or she just gives up and cries. We were writing today and it was tears and more tears. She does the same when she does gymnastics at home sometimes, but at the gym she is a completely different child.

Overcoming her fears is so huge. I really am so proud of her. Thanks everyone!
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