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My DDs gym has a super tots class. Is there certain skills you need to learn to get in it? Would it be worth it at this age? My DD is only 3 1/2. Do they already compete at this age:confused:

My dd is pretty strong and is a little daredevil! She will try anything at this age! She was having a blast swinging high on the uneven bars yesterday :eek:
No, kids do not compete at 3.5. Most gyms have what could be termed more advanced rec classes and they all use different names---mighty mites, superstars and on and on. There is no USAG cirriculum set for these levels, so you would have to ask a coach at your gym what skills are needed. Usually with the little ones its a combination of some skills and being able to listen, stand in line, take some direction, so they are looking for a more mature 3.5 yo old. Will it end your dd's gym career if she's not put in the class? NO.

For the next few years, you'll notice some kids zoom ahead and then stall while others catch up on skills and move ahead of them. Ask about the difference between the classes(more hours? more money?) and when your dd might be ready for it.
I think a lot of times those kinds of classes are invite classes. If the rec/preschool coach notices something, they will possibly move a child up to that class. My DD didn't even start gymnastics until 4 and wasn't in any type of advanced class until she was a little over 5. She is now training for level 4 and just turned 6 in July. One of her teammates didn't start until she was 5 1/2 and has surpassed all the girls that were in the advanced class since they were 4/5. Everyone progresses at different rates and some will get skills really fast and then be stuck for awhile, etc. :D
I agree with gym law mom,

There is different names for the different classes. Our gym does do an advanced pre-school class for ages 3-5 (invite only) that feeds into our pre-team (ages 5-7ish) class. We start our team at age 6 & up at Level 4 USAG. Other gyms have other programs and can start younger at USAG Level 2 & 3. I think it would be best if you spoke to the coach to find out what/how to get on the competative team. Sometimes they need to know you are interested or sometimes they just observe your child during class and make the decision to advance your daughter. Good luck!
I agree with the above. We have a might tots program for 3-4 year olds that have some strength ,have taken several sessions and can do a little more than most.. At 3-4 most pre school classes are learning how to separate from mom, and learning how to take turns. Our mighty tots can do cartwheels and kickovers. We originally started the class as we were getting 3 and 4 yer old tumblers switching from a different program that could do Roundoff backhandspring but had no apparatus experience.
Our Gym has an invitation only class for little ones. DD was invited right after her 3rd birthday. It was an awesome class. there were like 5 little ones age 3-5 most were 5 when we were in the class. They developed so fast in the class. I have to say it was a lot though for a 3 year old. They practiced 2 days a week for 1.5 hours a time. DD grew so much in the class. I know at our gym they will approach parents about the class if they are interested. Most parents don't even know about it unless they know someone in the class or if they are asked. I would stay where you are and not push things. Most of our girls on Pre-team and team did not come from the program. We currently now on Level 4 have 3 that moved through the Select class. DD is the one that has been in the inv classes the longest. I have to say the parents are correct the girls will advance and level off. It is funny to see one month one being far ahead and then the others pass them by.

Our selects can do back pull overs, cartwheels, handstands, backbends, kickovers and toward the end they are working back handsprings. They do a lot of conditioning and strength training.
I was in similar situation with my dd when she was about the same age. She was 3.5 yrs old when she was asked to join an invitation only advance preschool class. That class itself wasn't the problem but now that she is almost 5 in half years old, I wished I would of held off altogether putting her in gymnastics. At 4 years old she was on development team/preteam. At 4.5 years old she was in Level 2. She had one L2 competition. At 5 years old started training L3 and now is competing L3 for her first full competition season. In hindsight I wish I would of waited till she was five and had her train for level 4 and competed when she was six. Her age right now is keeping her from moving on. And it frustrates her because she just loves doing/learning the skills.

It's hard but just remind yourself to be patient and it'll happen when it's suppose to happen and enjoy the ride.

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