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I refuse to support any of my gymnasts on the beam. I believe if a gymnast is spotted on beam then they end up relying on the support and don't learn to perform the actions correctly on their own, and fear can build up even more than if support isn't given. If a gymnast can do a skill perfectly on a line, then the only reason preventing them from doing it on a beam is fear. I believe by letting a gymnast make their own move and choose when to move something up a beam eliminates fear and gives the gymnast a sense of control and responsibility over their skills

However many coaches have argued with this theory and I am very interested to hear other coaches points of view and hear others philosophies on spotting on beam

Any thoughts?
Depending on the skill and the gymnast. I usually like to spot to help correct technique and fix positions and what not. Before I will spot a gymnast (or before i'd ask for spot as a gymnast), I would do many reps on the line on the floor then on the low beam---I'd only spot on the higher beam if they are able to do it on the low beam. To me, the fear issue is there, and having a coach just stand by the beam (not even touching you) is alright by me--unless the kid has done it a million times and is quite capable to doing it. In other words, I stand there for the fear issue in the beginning.
I totally agree with your theory but, I do spot on beam. I wish I had the guts to say no but I do. However, they are not allowed to compete until they have all their skills on every event with no spot. I like to stack mats under the beam & slowly take them away until they get it but I still spot until their comfortable. Sometimes I can't spot them right away & it's their decision to go or not until I'm available. Half of them go & half wait.
Another note: I was always taught to be working on something no matter what--if you were waiting for spot, do something else that you don't need spot on until the coach comes. Even if that means doing drills and timers for the skill that they are going to be spotting you on.

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