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Wow what a weekend. Friday night Amber's dad suprised us all by flying in from New York to watch her compete. He has not seen a meet all year. She was so excited. So ...
She started on beam 9.2.....she was so excited
8.9 on floor- high for the year
8.6 on vault- a little pike
8.3 on bars - she fell on her leg weird..
35.00 on the all around

She was happy to share with her dad
What an awesome surprise for her! Tell her congrats on that 9.2 on beam and her 35AA!! Yay!
That's so nice that her dad flew in to watch her. She must have been very excited! Congrats to her on a great meet :)!!
Congrats to Amber and how wonderful that her dad was able to watch her compete! Great beam score! Now on to the new gym and new challenges! I'm sure well cross paths at the Level 4 meets next year!!
We're doing USAG. We've always done 4-10 USAG and next year they are actually doing Levels 2 & 3 USAG as well, not AAU. They want everyone on the same competitive schedule with States so they can move up in January to get ready for September. We only do 1 season per level, (Sept - Dec) vs Sept - May. Kylie is just super excited to be a "real" level 4 now....What's your new practice schedule going to be as far as hours?
we are doing three days a week for 2.5 and on Sat he is splitting the group for a 2 hour semi private with like three girls just working on level 5 skills. To move up to level 5 usag the next year where it will be m-f 3 hours day. It is a little weird.. How about you?
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