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Dec 21, 2008
Ok, I am finally having my ACL and possible meniscus fix surgery tomorrow! I'm actually a little excited b/c I have been walking around with this since April, and I have continued training-albeit lightly-as well, so hopefully tomorrow is going to be a peace of cake! Hopefully recovery goes well, b/c I cant WAIT to get back in the gym!!
omgosh! i am getting that in two weeks, but good luck to you! let me know how it goes! they told me it would take about six months from the surgery to heal, do you have the same heal time?
Yeah the doctor said six but p.t. said 3-6 months So we will see. I will keep you posted and good luck on your surgery!
Best wishes! Here's to hoping all goes as smoothly as possible and you are back to your injury-free self in no time!
My DD Emily, a L8, had her surgery April 13 and hopes to finally begin "light" tumbling in the next week or 2. Em also had a meniscal repair along with her ACL reconstruction, so was on crutches and only partial weight bearing on her leg for 5 weeks after her surgery, which has slowed her recovery a bit. Be prepared for hard, and sometimes painful, physical therapy. The first couple of weeks when Em was working to get her range of motion back were the worst in terms of pain, now she is just working really hard. Both PT and her orth have told her she will be ready to compete in December when her season starts if she has no setbacks, so she is looking forward to that. Good luck to you both!
I had to have two meniscul repairs along with the acl so DoC said five weeks with crutches too. Now its a waiting game. The femoral nerve block has been wearing off s I have been living on pain drugs. Its high my pain tolerence is but this is well it all get better. Sorry to gripe
Nicci I hope you are doing OK. Em had a 4 hour car ride home after her surgery, and I don't think she would have made it without the femoral nerve block. The first couple of weeks were the roughest for her in terms of pain. Make sure you keep icing you knee to help with both the pain and swelling. If you don't have a cooling unit with a motorized pump, it is well worth the investment. Hang in there - it does get better!
I had almost 1.5 hour car ride home. Finally figured out the pain meds and am taking a quarter if what I had as well as tylenol so the pain is barely there. I have a cryocuff for icing and it has stayed elevated except for when I get up. Best part is I'm allowed to take off the brace when I am lying down!! Oh, and, they said six months till sports, which is really cool! Apparently my extension is only 5 degrees from "normal" 15 from my "normal" (I have wicked hyperextension, it kinda skeeved out my PT guy yesterday)
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nicci, sounds like your doing good! did they make you walk on it right after you got surgery? and did they put you under? some people were saying they might just numb my knee.... haha i'm so confused on this. hope you get better fastt!! ♥
Hey guys thanks for all the good wishes. 8 days out and almost off full narcotic pain meds with the exception of night time and of course p.t sessions otherwise I'm taking mostly tylenol. Really itching to get back into the gym but I know that is a couple of months away even for conditioning. Have quite a bit of my r.o.m back already which makes the healing feel as if it is actually happening
I hope you can get back in the gym soon, but for now take it easy. Make sure you let it heal before you go back. Don't rush it, you don't want to go through this again. Glad to hear it is feeling better.
Get well soon.
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