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This weekend my gym back home is hosting their annual meet, and I'm going to make the trip home on Friday night so I can work all day Saturday and of course see my girlies!
I'm so excited it's ridiculous. I have gotten to talk to a couple of the girls on the phone in the last couple months and I can text a couple of them before practice which really is texting all of them. :) They were asking me if I was coming to the meet and I said "I have a lot of exams that week!" but never actually said that I wouldn't be there, so it's going to be a surprise.

Ya know what's really weird? I have been more gym sick than home sick the two months that I have been at college so far.
They are going to be so excited to see you and you will have a blast. Have a safe trip home.

Have you started working at the gym near your school yet?
I have no idea what the meet theme is actually... I've been away so long!

I haven't started coaching yet, I just sent the owner an email a couple days ago and she said they're set for now but the next session starts in November, so soon. I've been a couple of times for open gym though, and I couldn't resist correcting a few of the girls on minor things and I'm pretty sure it made a big difference and if I was allowed to help out with team I could contribute a lot...

And I just found out that my 2 o'clock class for today is cancelled and I get to got home two hours earlier and help set up for a little bit tonight!!!
Sounds like you'll have a great time! I'm sure they'll all be pleasantly surprised to see you! Have fun!
It was awesome to see my girlies again!

The meet was... eventful. We just moved our gym to a new building this summer, so it's the first time in the new building. Apparently the smoke alarms are really sensitive, because there wasn't anything burning in the kitchen when the fire alarm went off halfway through the first rotation... and we couldn't get it to turn off for 45 minutes. I felt all important cause I got to call the security company and tell them not to send the fire truck since I was actually trained in on how to use the alarm system. I was still useful even though it's been two months since I've been there. :)

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