WAG Sweating Through Comp Leo Problem

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tough gymnast

Dec 29, 2009
A few girls on my team, including myself, sweat through our competition leos. I know sweating is normal and healthy but it's quite embarrassing to have huge sweat circles under your arms for everyone to see! Our leos are also really red so it's VERY noticeable :confused: Does anyone else have this problem (or your daughter) and/or know how to fix it or reduce it a little bit? (Such as a good deodorant/ antiperspirant? ) All help is welcomed because we're all REALLY embarrassed about it!o_O
Thanks for your help!


Jan 31, 2008
There are products called 'no sweat' they will stop you sweating. You generally spay on after a shower at night and it will last about three days. I have used in the heat of summer and they do work, but you need to be careful with these as your body sweats for a reason.


Proud Parent
May 14, 2011
Also, look for "clinical" type deodorants. Many main brand deodorants now carry clinical lines, which do work better. They will cost about $8 or so compared to $2.50 or $3.
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All Chalked Up

Mar 15, 2010
This is embarrassing, but my coach made me do it and it works!

Take an adhesive panty liner and stick it to the inside of your bodysuit sleeve. You can't see it through your leo and it really does work, just make sure you stick it on before you get sweaty.


Nov 20, 2013
London, UK
My comp Leo's (for BG AND Uni teams!) have unfortunate fabrics under the arms that make us look like pigs in abattoirs even from a tiny bit of sweat. I've not found a specific solution, only noticed that nobody really cares very much. When was the lat time you noticed someone was sweaty in the gym? Probably today or yesterday. But when was the last time you made a negative judgement on them because of it? I'm thinking never....


Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
Sweat showing was one of the reasons our team switched from Columbia Blue around the arm pits to black ... HC's daughter is a "sweater" and her very first meet ever (at age 9), by the end of general stretch, she had huge wet spots. Since we had to go with a new style leo the next year, we also adjusted our colors AND she got a stronger antiperspirant. It isn't noticeable anymore :)


May 20, 2013
My team used to have this problem when we had royal blue Leos with silver and white twists down the front, so when Leo switch came around last year we got Leos with net sleeves so sweat no longer shows. Our trick was to wear a white vest top to comps and roll our Leos down between warm ups and between each event. So we would roll up while the person before us was competing and roll down as soon as we got back to our team after our go. We always looked a bit crazy but only did this in the summer. And two other teams did the same at all meets as well. :p


Proud Parent
Club Owner / Manager
Sep 4, 2011
Guess it's how you view it. My girls are very comfortable with their bodies, and see sweat as a sign of hard work. "The more I sweat, the better I get!" is their motto. I may just have extra weird girls! ;) For them, I strongly recommend against anti-perspirants as you will find lots of health risks with many of them, but a deodorant never hurts! Just be sure you check with your parents. As mentioned above, different leos, colors, and materials will be different, so hopefully your coach will live and learn.
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