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I'm finally out of my boot and am able to start doing some things.... Not consistently but 1 or 2 a week. So I started switch leaps as I've found they don't hurt, but I need help with getting my legs up. Tips or suggestions?
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I have found that lots and lots of split jumps (both legs) are helpful. Work on getting your front and back leg up.
And for the love of all that is right in the world PLEASE keep your chest and head up!!! I dislike teaching switch leaps because so many kids have self-taught them and they lean so far forward/down. Your trunk should be vertical during the leap.
Sorry to vent my frustration on you. LOL
Think of leaps as a "lift" action rather than a "kick" - a lift is so much harder than a kick because it needs so much more strength. Look up "grands battements lents" - the slow motion lifts mean you're relying solely on the strength aspect. If you can't find a good example I'll find you one tomorrow when I'm not stuck on my phone :p
Split jumps and switch leaps with ankle weights. Flexibility stretching. Lots and lots of practice.
No one should be jumping with ankle weights full stop, but especially not splits of any kind!
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