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One of my teammates has a lot of trouble with her switch leaps. ITs a shame because she's amazing at everything else, she's really talented but this is one thing that brongs her down and its a compulsory element in our routines! She just cant seem to get the leg that switches up. ITs almost vertical its that bad! She asked me to see if anyone on here had any skills or tips for her because she's really frustrated with it. She manages to get her front leg up fine but she ends up looking like she's doing some weird kind of fork jump! She's desparate to get it better because she's getting quite big deductions on it (as you can imagine!)
Any help would be really appreciated!!!


Jan 31, 2008
Make sure she is splitting with her bad leg first. I would practice the split change motion on the P Bars or hanging from the high bar first. Concentrate on a quick change to full split. Small bad split, big split, one after another. Also remember that the first leg must reach 45 degrees and be straight to be credited under FIG code.
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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I know of 3 switch split leap drills...i don't know if i can explain them well though! The 1st one is when you are just learning the leap, to get used to switching legs. You start standing on just your good leg, with your bad leg behind you, not on the ground. Then, from there, do like a mini switch leap. Your bad leg will come forward really fast and do a small switch leap, landing back on your good leg in the same position. If you don't get this one...feel free to private message me or ask me here!

The next one is doing the switch leap up onto a mat (about 2 feet high). that forces you to get your good leg up in the leap, which requires you to change legs faster.

The last one is doing the leap off of a springboard, onto a soft 8" mat. Then have her move to the floor and try them there again...hopefully they improved!
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