Switching between USAIGC & USAG

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Mar 9, 2009
My daughter was previously a level 5 gymnast but did not obtain a qualifying score to move to level 6 before changing gyms(our previous gym closed) At our new gym she is doing USAG Prep Opt and also USAIGC Silver. In Prep Opt she is doing handsprings, layouts, and full turning jumps on floor, kips, free hips and flyaways on bars (she does not have her cast to handstand yet although she is close), round offs and an aerial dismount on beam and she has placed no less than 2nd on vault during any meet. She is normally scoring 34 AA. She basically does the same skills in USAIGC Silver and scores 35-35.5 AA. My question is that our current gym is over an hour away. While I love this gym a new gym opened about a 1/2 hour away but they do not offer USAIGC. They do USAG including Prep Opt. If I move my daughter to this gym what would she need to do? I do not want to put her back in level 5 because the skills she is doing now are much harder and she has proven that she can do well with these skills. At our current gym they stated that they petition USAG to move the kids directly to level 7 and send videotapes proving what skills they can do. I'm worried about this because they have only done this twice and with gymnasts that are already 14 which can be put right into level 7 anyway. My daughter is 11. I really don't even want her doing level 6 since she has already proven she can do these skills also. Does anyone know if you can skip to level 7 like this based on Prep Opt and USAIGC scores and sending a videotape at age 11? I would like to change to a gym closer to home but I don't want to make her backtrack in her training either and essentially repeat a level that she has already mastered. Thanks!!
Not open for further replies.