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Proud Parent
Apr 16, 2021
My daughter is 15, almost 16 and currently XCEL Platinum. She is considering switching to JO (I know it's called something else now but I still say JO) next season. So, she would have to score out of level 4 and 5, correct? Then if she has all her level 7 skills, can she skip level 6 and go to level 7?
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At 15, I think she can petition straight to Level 7. I think the coaches can submit a video of her skills to the state chair.
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At her age (unless they’ve changed things- my daughter is 19 now) she can be petitioned into L7 by her coach without scoring out at meets.
I believe the rules are at age 14 OR freshman in high school, you can submit a video and petition for the switch. There were a few girls in this age range who went from Platinum to L6 and 7 from our gym for this past season.
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