Parents Switching gyms mid-season?

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Mar 6, 2009
Last night was . . . beyond words.:mad:

7 girls out of 23 came to practice and when the director left (30 min into practice) it was pure chaos. They didn't do much of anything. I walked in to find DD trying to do front ariels . . . no spot . . . no correction . . . no help . . . I stopped her and tried to get her to take advantage of what had turned into an "open gym" and she wasn't interested. Said everyone else was playing, she wanted to play too. Now tell me, how do you argue that with a 7 yr old? :p

I almost grabbed her and pulled her out a few times. I am beyond words and will need to keep hubby out of the gym tonight - he has a few choice words for director! :eek:

I find myslef not wanting to return at all.

Only thing that will have me there tonight is 1) see if the director has anything to say 2) confront the coach 3) The coach I trust will be there

So the good news is . . . no one got hurt (if you saw them you would see this as a huge accomplishment) and it was the push I needed.

I am no longer considering switching - we're switching. All my concerns and fears were right there last night.

Question is - I know people switch mid-season . . . how does that work? She qualified for States - could she go with a different team? How do I explain it all to her? ugh!

Thanks for all the words of advise and encouragment
I am a bit suprised watching jess's video's her coaches seemed very caring and where doing a good job with her.What happened last night sounded very dangerous and I would not want to take my kid there either.I do not know for sure but I would think that she could go to states with another team. Jess is a very talented kid I wish you luck @ finding a new gym.
In Texas, switching gyms comes down to making a change on-line. If the state meet is coming up soon, it might require a phone call as well.....but it's really no big deal.

As far as what to say to your 7 year old--I think that you can say that mommy and daddy have found a wonderful new, safe gym for her and that you'll help her keep in touch with her friends from the "old" gym.

Based on experiences I've seen, there might be a month of sadness, etc. Then she'll be right at home!

From what you posted, it sounds like a great decision to make the change--the sooner the better!

Good luck!
Wow, that is really scary. What with all the troubles you've been having at your gym, I would switch now too. I would think it would not be a problem going to State with another gym, but you'd need to be sure you switched to another USAIGC gym and not one that does only USAG. It's getting close to USAG State meets in many states and she might not have time to make the switch. I am betting that Jess will be happier at a gym with more structure and with girls her age and will adjust quickly. Good luck!

Yikes. I would freak out if I walked into that as well, though I have to say I have came in to find my DD WITH a coach and still doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. It has gotten better, but I still watch very closely and I have tried to talk to DD about being safe and not doing things she isn't supposed to, etc.

If you find a gym with USAIGC, I don't think it would be too hard to get her changed over to their gym and do states with them. If you find a gym that is USAG only, they might be done with meet season anyway. I know it varies, but most states have States around now. Our compulsories here are done. Optionals have states next week. So maybe you aren't truly mid season if you are considering a USAG only gym.

Good luck. I feel your pain. I hate not knowing what to do. :(
I don't have a lot of advice for you, but I DO know that you can go to state with another gym. We had a young lady come to our team as a level 5 just a few weeks before state last year. She improved noticably VERY quickly. She got her first ever nines at the last meet before state and then tood 4th all around at state! Then she ended up skipping to level 7 and is doing great! If you feel it's time to make that change, don't be afraid to do so.
Yes, you can switch mid-season. We had a girl switch to our gym last season 2 weeks before states. She had qualified at her old gym, the owner of our gym took care of the neccesary things to have her USAG # switched over to our gym. She not only competed for our gym, she won L4 in her age group.

So not only can it be done, it can be done with very little time to do it in.

I would have SO pulled my daughter out of that "free-for-all". I give you big credit on your temper control. Go with your gut, something is definately smelly in the state of denmark!

Good luck, and if you need to some advice on gym shopping, send me a PM. We switched gyms last year (the week after states). I can tell you how it went for us and what to avoid, if that helps out at all.

well, not sure if anyone said anything . . . I didn't - I kept my mouth shut, so very proud, anyway . . . the director said not one word to me, which I wasn't surprised about. The coach did come to me and say what happened last night would never happen again. We had a nice chat. He's a good guy but he needs to learn to take control. I was trying to stress while its nice to have the night off, having fun etc, it wasn't safe. The inmates were running wild.

Thankfully the other coach was in tonight. She always makes me feel better about everything. DD loves her and she takes charge of the gym. So I'm feeling so much better.

Also they worked tonight, momenum is starting to pick back up - thank goodness! Not sure how many girls came but it wasn't bad.

Lets see what happens Friday when we visit the other gym and Monday when the coach is out again
Good luck with whatever you decide. We switched gyms mid season last year along with three other girls. The optional level kids were fine, the coach just switched their usag # to their gym # and they had to pay for a usaigc membership # but that was it. They participated in all meets, even the ones only a few weeks away. The girls that were level 5/6 had to wait until the following year to compete because there was not enough time to make up new routines for usaigc and the gym only competes usaigc for the younger levels and start doing usag at prep opt (between levels 6-7).
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