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Sep 19, 2008
Thank you all for your words of encouragement. It really makes me feel better about our decision. Last night was the last straw. She went to ask the coach to tape her and he actually said to her, "your ankle is fine, you don't need the tape any more!! Who says you need tape?" She responds that her doctor said she has to remain taped for the rest of the year, whenever she's at practice. Well, her coach says back to her, well, your doctor's stupid. OMG!:eek: I was in total disbelief and shock at that response. How dare him ignore a doctor's order and my dd's desire to not want to hurt herself!! Tell you what, he just made our decision even easier.

Wow that's so callous and ridiculous! It's the easiest thing in the world to pop a kid up on a block and tape them up. Was the coach feeling 'put out' by going through a few strips of tape, for real? Even if he really thought she didn't need it, doing it would put people's minds at ease, which makes it worth it. Oh and hey the instruction coming from a doctor should have some weight too. Jeez.

I do have another dilema, though. :confused: Our sectional meet is April 24-25th. What gym should she compete with? The new gym wants her but wants her to start next week. Or, do I make her stick it out, compete with her team or do we make the switch now? She's so close to these girls, they're like sisters, been together for almost 5 years. It won't be easy but I think it may be in her best interest to move ~ NOW!! Any advice? :confused:

I would go yesterday. Make some good bye cards for her current team mates with contact info on it so she can stay in touch. Make sure your DD understands the reason behind the move so she feels empowered by the change rather than hindered and hope for the best!
Jan 31, 2009
Go. Please go. This is no longer a positive place for your dd. If she misses sectionals is there any chance of petitioning to states? And if she does miss both, while it is a bummer, hopefully you and the new gym can make it a positive thing because she will be happier, healthier and do great next season!


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Feb 19, 2007
The hardest part IS making that decision to switch!!! So many of us know something "isn't quite right", but we keep on hoping things will get better, procrastinating because our girls will miss their friends, etc. So happy you have checked out other gyms and made that switch. I'm also happy you're leaving on good terms, it's always important not to burn bridges!

I thought we had left my DD's previous gym on good terms last fall. We tried to get in the door at their March home meet to cheer on the girls, only to find out that I've been "banned!" And get this... supposedly for "recruiting" for her current gym!! OMG!!! Then I must be a horrible recruiter b/c no one's come over to her gym! I haven't even suggested that anyone leave her old gym! Ridiculous.... but hurtful for my daughter who only wanted to cheer on her old teammates. Sorry to hijack!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I say do it NOW. She will be fine. There is plenty of time for bonding with new teammates, etc, before sectionals and States and frankly, I think it would be worth it even if she had to miss those meets. The coaches disregard for her injury and doctor's orders are just wrong.

As others have said, making the decision is the hardest part and the coach has made that really easy. I am sure Olivia will make lots of new friends and adjust quickly. The hardest part of our gym change has seriously been on me. LOL. I really, really miss the gym parents and the close feeling we had a lot. BUT, it is her sport and she is happier than ever, so all is good. :)
Jan 9, 2008
I would talk to the new gym and let her compete sectionals with them if possible ecspecailly if she is happy there. I hope everything works out it is so difficult when they get any injury. My daughter injured her wrist and we are hoping that she gets clearance to go back to full practice so she can do sectionals. I have gotten mixed messages from her gym on her injury I was even told not to use tape because it gets expensive, crazy! Now they do not seem to think paying full price to practice when she can only condition is expensive. Anyway for the most part my daughters gym has been supportive of most of the girls injuries ecspecailly once they go the doctors and have a legitimate injury. The comment from the coach about your daughter using tape was uncalled for. Hope everything works out at . The most important thing is your daughter has to be happy going to gym or she is going to want to quit.


I thought we had left my DD's previous gym on good terms last fall. We tried to get in the door at their March home meet to cheer on the girls, only to find out that I've been "banned!" And get this... supposedly for "recruiting" for her current gym!! OMG!!! Then I must be a horrible recruiter b/c no one's come over to her gym! I haven't even suggested that anyone leave her old gym! Ridiculous.... but hurtful for my daughter who only wanted to cheer on her old teammates. Sorry to hijack!

I can't believed they said you were banned!! How unbelievable! And how upsetting for your dd who was just there to show her support. I'm afraid that some of the girls on her team might follow her but in no way will it be by my insistance. If they do make a move it will be their decision, with no encouragement from me.

I met with the director and one of her coaches last night to give them the news. They did everything in their power to get me to change my mind. I told them it was not my decision, it was hers. She is very convinced that she wants to make the move. She doesn't even pause when asked. So, that's the way it's going to be. What they also don't understand is that this sport does not just involve the athlete. It also involves the family as well. We have to sign a contract and do so much fund raising and commit so many hours to every meet they host that it really becomes a family affair. It has put so much stress on us, I'm not willing to let that happen any more. it's just not worth it, especially if she's not happy.

So, tomorrow will be her final day. It's going to be a tough morning for her and her teammates. And for me. One of the girls was already crying last night. :bawling::cryingeyesout::bawling: I'd better bring along a box of tissues!!
Jul 12, 2007

Just wanted to send good wishes for the gym change. I think you handled it wonderfully. I never would have said this before, as this was your dd's gym and she was happy for so long - BUT I am thrilled for the change and that you guys are moving on!! :) Lots of good luck!


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Feb 19, 2007
Netty, yes, the "banning experience" is very hurtful.... it was crazy. 'Nuff said!

I think that you will find that same "family" environment in your new gym as well. The team parents will still be doing fundraising, working the meets, etc. It's just hard b/c you've been in the one place for so long, BUT your DD has made her decision and you have to support her (as I know you're doing). Please let us know how her first "real" day in the new gym goes!!


I'll be thinking of you today as you and your daughter say good-bye to the gym. I think you have walked the high road here and taught some important life lessons to your daughter. Best of luck at the new gym!


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Mar 1, 2007
Good for you for standing by your DD's wishes, she sounds like she's made up her mind and ready to begin a new chapter in her career.

On my desk at work I have a picture from my DD's first L4 year, a team picture for when they were going to states. Looking at that picture this past week I realized out of the 16 girls in that picture, there are only TWO that are still at my DD's old gym. Amazing still is the fact that only two of them have left gymnastics altogether...the rest went on to compete happily at other gyms!

As I have explained to my own daughter, it will never be the same as her first or second year as a L4 now. Lesser hours, less comittment from girls and families and less money kept the team together for about 2 years but then everyone went seperate ways. And as more time passes team friends will move up, move on, change gyms and programs. I didn't think my DD would handle our gym switch last year well, but she did because in the end it was all about doing gymnastics. We opted for a gym that wasn't as compatative as some of the other gyms in the area and it has also been a cheaper year for us financially & not as much family committment like you described. Your DD will make new friends and regain some of that enthusiasm. You will make new friends too. It will seem sooo weird at first. I can't describe it...but it felt weird until we started meets. Once we got new gym leo's and warm-ups we felt that sense of belonging. You will mentally compare EVERYTHING because old gym was your home away from home for so long, but you will both adjust and be happy when you realize that other gyms could possibly be a better fit and then you will wonder why you didn't leave earlier, LOL

Good luck at your last practice. Unlike your DD, minbe didn't want to go and it was very VERY emotional for all of us. We both cried all the way home and probably the next day. But again, our circumstances we much different. ((HUGS))


Glad you guys made the decision to switch--sounds like the correct one on many points--I can't believe the coach was questioning the doctor like that!


Well, last night was Olivia's first practice at the new gym. She really had fun, however, she came off the floor at the end of the night crying! I'm like, oh no! :eek: Don't tell me we made a mistake! Well, turns out her ankle was really bothering her. It must've been bad for her to be crying like that. Whew! I'm thinking, oh I hope she's not doubting her decision but she reassured me all night that it was just her ankle and she had fun with her new teammates and coaches. I'm proud of her for adapting so quickly but I'm concerned about her ankle. She has therapy again on Thursday so we'll see what they say. They have Sectionals next weekend so that's a concern. Oh, well, if she doesn't go, she doesn't go.

Saturday was a rough day. She had her last practice with her old team and some of the girls were having a hard time saying goodbye. Even some of the parents were upset. It was a rough morning but all in all we left on good terms and we know the doors are always open if we want to return. I don't see that happening.
Feb 28, 2008
Bethlehem, PA
Hey Netty!

Haven't been on CB in forever. I miss you and hope that Liv is doing well at the new gym. I know you have reason to leave and I hope everything goes well in your new "home."

We are staying 'cause DD is very happy. We will see what level 6 brings next year, but please know that you are missed!

Also, as long as you left on good terms a lot of people leave and come back here, so at least the door is open if you need to walk through it in the future.

I hope her ankle gets better and she is able to compete. If not, life goes on as we all know.
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