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May 18, 2017
My kids have been at the same gym since they were 16 months in the Mommy and Me class. It's a rec gym. They just finished level 3 at age 9. We moved out of the county, so we would be non-residents and have to pay a whole lot more. I had them try out at the new rec gym we are close to, and they would be in same level other gym had placed them in for upcoming season. I feel sad, but I can't afford it. They do offer payment plans, but with the extra's not worth it. My kids aren't too upset. They never really made friends with any of the girls. Has anyone else ever felt sad for leaving a gym? I still need to write the letter informing current gym they won't be back. ugh.
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Yes we had to leave my DDs rec gym when she made team at her current gym. It was sad, but they didn’t have any competition programs and it turned out to be a huge blessing. She’s made lifetime friends she never would have known otherwise. Good luck to you.
I think a lot of us started in a toddler gym of sorts before being encouraged to look at the competitive gyms once our children showed an aptitude for gymnastics or really good strength to weight ratio.

Our first gym was a tiny warehouse suite with cutesy animals on the walls and a jungle & beach theme to the whole thing. Was very welcoming to our 30 lb little girl where going straight to the big competitive gym probably would have been too scary for her. The gym owner of the toddler gym actually was the one that brought up the bigger gym and wasn't something we really considered before hand.
Both my DD & I were very sad to leave our old gym of 5 years but it was what she needed to do. People on team leave the gym all of the time. Of the 17 girls that my dd started with on her level 3 team, only 5 are still there.

Glad to hear that your kids aren't too upset. I'm sure they will find something else that they like to do to stay active.
Fortunately they are young enough to move on to another sport, or music, or something else and they aren’t upset about leaving the sport.

Gymnastics is a 5 figure sport and it is much more difficult to try to explain to them at later levels that it isn’t an affordable option for the family.

They will find another thing they love, make good friends and most likely not have to deal with the all consuming oddness of competitive gymnastics
Are you saying that the new rec gym is the same level they were at but with no competitions ? Or just saying that it is sad there leaving their old gym of so many years? Sorry the comments have me confused making it seem they are leaving the sport the find other sports
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