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Jul 22, 2022
Hi! I am a counselor. Any kind of therapy and help is great for anyone. I don't think therapy is ever a bad idea, sports or otherwise. Children learning coping mechanisms early in life can only benefit the child. I think it's great.
Thank you for the input!

It was mentioned earlier in the thread by a child psychologist that if a child needed a SP to partake in the sport, maybe this wasn't the sport for them.

So while I had previously been so confident in that decision, I suddenly fell into the "typical mom mind-trap." Well, we don't need a SP to participate in the sport, we are just establishing a relationship. However, we are only establishing a relationship because we anticipate the need in a couple of years. Round and round I went, second guessing everything that had initially just seemed logical and natural-lol.

She has had a therapist previously(a "meltdown therapist"-he literally specialized in teaching coping techniques for autism meltdowns), helped her tons, 18mos and her coping skills were 1000x better(plus she was back in the gym-which is her happy place)!! I remember it taking a few sessions before she was truly comfortable and opening up, so the idea of establishing a relationship prior to any issues presenting themselves seemed very smart-and like maybe I could be ahead of the game for once.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!!

We will be getting the SP after the holidays as planned :)
Not open for further replies.