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Proud Parent
Jul 12, 2015
I recently quit my job at one gym due to my co-coach's behavior towards me. This was her first year coaching optionals - I've coached optionals for a few years now. Long story short, she gave people wrong info to make herself look better, constantly negatively criticized my coaching, went to both my supervisor and supervisor's supervisor with all the "concerns" she had with my coaching (full disclosure: one day I did refuse to spot a level 7 on a roundoff), left her group to come and coach her "pets" when they were in my group, etc., etc. In essence, I felt targeted and kind of bullied. I did ask for help from my supervisor. We had weekly meetings, made plans, and brought out our concerns. She did not follow the plans and flat out refused to compromise. After a lot of consideration (and because my daughter was on her other team that I do not coach), I pulled my daughter and signed her up at another gym. I waited a couple of weeks and then decided to apply there myself, had an interview last week, and am waiting to hear an answer. This gym competes against my other team. When we go to meets, I know parents on my daughter'sd old team will ask why we left. (I know I will probably be called a traitor quite often- I had one parent contact an old coach and accuse her of "poaching" me). How much would you share? Should I just say it was due to personal experiences at that gym and attempt to leave it at that? Any advice for when I run into my ex co-coach's? Is a nod of acknowledgement and ignoring her from that point on professional enough?
Not open for further replies.