WAG switching to xcel gold mid season

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Nov 10, 2021
Hi! I am currently a xcel silver gymnast. I’ve noticed that I’ve been way ahead of my team as I’m more serious than them. I’ve already competed 1 meet and got a 37.792 AA.

I have my kip, front tuck, bw on beam, clear hip, round off bt, back tuck front tuck beam dismount, and front handspring on vault.

Is it possible to make the switch to xcel gold mid season?
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Proud Parent
Dec 30, 2017
Technically you can, but this is a gym/coach/family decision so talk to your coach. They also can upgrade your routines while you stay in silver.

If you have all your silver skills down the main thing is to have the opportunity to uptrain, if you are uptraining, then I wouldn't worry too much about what level you are competing in. If you aren't uptraining then maybe ask for the opportunity to, and if they say "no" then maybe there is a reason and clarification would be recommended. Just because you can do a skill doesn't mean you should do a skill.

Taylor Maltby

Dec 3, 2021
You have all the skills to be an Excel Gold. But like "GymDadWA" said you just really need to talk to your coach/coaches'. One girl at my gym is a Pre-teamer but she is competing the Silver Routine. Excel Gold is a harder level, so if you are good at silver it doesn't necessarily mean you will be just as good at gold if you switch mid-comp. I am sure if you waited till comp is over you will be an even more amazing Gold! You sound like a very hard working/dedicated gymnast! Best of luck!
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