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Aug 5, 2018
My daughter is one of the many who decided to retire from artistic gymnastics during the shutdown. She is interested in transitioning to trampoline and tumbling but we don't know much about the sport. She tried out for a team this week and she's now weighing her options. She had a great time during the tryout but we do have some questions and I know that CB can help provide some useful perspective. :)

So the coach (who my daughter really liked) indicated that she would probably start at Level 7 after she scores out of Level 6.

I have two main questions. One, the team's level 7-10 T&T team practices 12 to 15 hours a week. Is that standard for T&T gymnasts at this level? I'm sure there's a wide range among gyms but any insight CBers could provide on typical T&T training hours would be welcome. Also, the coach indicated that Level 7-10 T&T gymnasts either compete trampoline and mini-tramp or tumbling and mini-tramp, but not both trampoline and tumbling. Is that a common philosophy among T&T gyms? My daughter was interested in both trampoline and tumbling and was a bit disappointed by this news.

Thanks in advance for your help, CB!
I coached at a predominantly T&T gym when I first started coaching and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The atmosphere was much more laid back, fewer hours, and way less pressure on the kids. Also one of the most exceptionally gifted coaches I have ever worked with who doesn't get nearly enough credit. That gym had a good sized level 7-10 team and I think 12-15 hours was the norm for them, probably closer to 12. I don't think any of the training groups practiced more than 3 hours at a time.
As for tumbling & trampoline, there were definitely kids who did both trampoline and tumbling, so that sounds like it might be a gym specific thing.
Best wishes to your daughter! I wish T&T had been an option when I left artistic as a high schooler, it seems like a blast.
In T & T you can compete all 4 events - Trampoline, double mini, tumbling and syncro trampoline. Some people do, but most don’t. Most do 2-3, some only do 1. But lots do trampoline and tumbling, it is a less common combo though. Those who do better at trampoline tend to prefer the trampoline and double mini combination as they are both tramp related. Those who prefer to tumble, tend to do the double mini and tumbling combo, due to their similarities.

Level 7-10 in T & T tend to train far less hours than you would see in the similar level in MAG, WAG or RG. 12-15 sounds fairly standard, in my country a little less would be more common, say around 10.
My daughter retired from artistic gymnastics last year. She pivoted to T&T and absolutely loves it. In her gym, at any level, they can do all the events or one, or any combo.

My daughter's gym is much less hours than her artistic gym was. She goes anywhere from 6 to 10 hours and she is training level 8. Gymnasts training less than level 7 go 4 to 6 hours.

I hope your daughter has a wonderful transition and enjoys the sport!
Thank you so much for your input and insight. It’s so very helpful. I think she thought practice time would be a bit less since she trained 12 hrs per week as an artistic gymnast and was hoping for more time to do other activities. She did have a lot of fun at the tryout...we’ll see what she decides to do.

3cats, so happy to hear about your daughter’s experience. That’s very encouraging!
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I want to add that there are a couple different T&T places in our area. My daughter's gym is pretty relaxed. This is what my daughter was looking for after being at a very tough high standards artistic gymnastics gym previously.

From what I hear the other T&T places in our area are more intense. At different degrees.

So make sure that this place feels like a good fit for you and your daughter. If there are other local T&T gyms check them out as well.

Also if your daughter is interested make sure she looks at other sports that are challenging in the same way. Rock Climbing gyms are popular in our area and have youth teams (we were planning on trying them out this summer. But covid changed our plans) Diving and swim teams love gymnasts! And lots of teammates who decided to stop gymnastics have started competitive cheer. So just remember, if this doesn't spark for her their are other things to try too!

That was probably my favorite thing about my daughter ending her gymnastics career. It was all the possibilities now open to her!
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