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T&T World Championships

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by wandrewsjr, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. World Championships begin in just a few hours in St. Petersburg. I know I am biased, but Team USA athletes in particular could use your support. Their Tumbling head coach resigned amid investigation by Safesport last week(he was also the personal coach of two of the team athletes). And USOC decided to announce the de-certification of their sports governing body the day before their event begins.

    Here are a couple of training updates:

    This year a team competition has been added to Worlds. The top five countries, using totals from all 8 events in qualifying(men's and women's tramp, syncro tramp, double mini, tumbling) will compete in a team competition session the day after qualifying ends. Should be exciting!

    Live scoring and schedule here:

    Still trying to figure out if those of us in the USA will be able to see qualification streaming:

    Finals will be shown on Olympic Channel in the USA. Please add any other links for other countries if you find them!

    *Couldn't figure out how to add this event into the "Major competitions" forums, so admins feel free to move.
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  2. Only JBS can create a new sub forum there. So we cannot add it with a sub forum.
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  3. TnT is always so exciting to watch, I'll be looking out for it. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Was not able to find a qualifying stream. Nothing seems to be up on youtube either.
  5. There are a few highlights up from day one:

    Also a description of the new team competition:
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  6. USAG posted results - Bravo qualified for finals in tumbling, Ahsinger for semis in Tramp and Padilla and Hawkins both made final in DM - but no videos of their routines. Hope they post them, would be dispointing if they didn't. Finals of the team competition will air on on Olympic Channel Thursday at 3pm Pacific. Looking at 1st day results, I think USA should be in this. China, Russia and Great Britain seem to be the clearly best 3, but I think USA and Canada might be the only other countries with entries in all 8 categories and top 5 qualify. Japan and Belarus have really good Tramp, but don't seem to have any DM or tumblers.
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  7. Ah, one of the Dutch girls just missed semi-finals. Good job to all who did make it though!
  8. this thread got me thinking about T & T. I heard that there was a well know tumbling athlete (long ago) coaching at DD's gym so I did a little research. Vadim Bindler, just want to add that he coaches Rec tumbling these days and his such a nice person.

    Check out these old videos if you are bored I was very impressed with the skills they were doing in the 70's The tumbling is towards the end of the videos.

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  9. China, Russia, USA, Canada and Portugal qualified for the team final. It has already happened, but won't post spoilers since airs in US later today. Can find results here: https://live.gymnastics.sport/schedule.php?idevent=15408
    Didn't know Portugal was such a hotbed of T&T! Also, GB is very strong on all events, clearly would have qualified if just entered in all events, and qualified two men and two women to each tramp final. Anyone from GB have insight into why they don't do syncro? I would imagine this team event is being eyed at being added to O's(like in figure skating). Shame to leave a good medal opportunity on the table in a sport in which a nation is so obviously strong.
  10. So excited for Ruben! He's such a sweet kid and was always so nice to my daughter and her team fangirling over him.
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  11. Not from GB but we know one of their juniors. The reason seems to be they just want to have full focus on individual. At the Dutch Open at our club the british team didn't do any synchro eiter. Very rarely they do have synchro pairs at bigger events. I don't know why these exeptions are made. At least it is very different from the Dutch where synchro pairs can be put together just a few weeks before worlds and WAGC, a couple of practices and of they go. Maybe this team event will change it for GB, who knows.
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  12. Many that my girls follows on Instagram and knows in person made it to finals. So exciting!! Caden gave a spoiler on his Instagram on the team final but am taping it to watch later. Hope things go well for all in finals.
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  13. Interesting. Even if they just put together simple routines, that wouldn't contend for titles in the syncro events themselves, but give them a team total, seems their strength in the other events would put them in contention for a medal in the team event.

    Watched the team final and thought it was great! Seemed the competitors were a little more relaxed than during their normal event competitions and was fun to watch. Great to see Portugal do well. And twinmomma, I can understand the fan girling over Ruben!

    Also kept the TV on to watch a story about Monica Abbot, the great USA softball pitcher, currently playing pro ball in Japan. It was fascinating, something I never would have seen otherwise!
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  14. I never really followed DMT but just saw him on the podium after taking the silver. What an achievement ! and what a cute kid indeed.
  15. I was also very impressed with the bronze medalist who may not have had super high difficulty but execution and landing were great!
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  16. A big congrats to Kristle Lowell on her bronze medal. Love that triple pike!!
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